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Monday, 2 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 02 - 04-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 02 - 04-18 \
       1. VAUNT (VERB): boast

Synonyms: brag, flaunt

Antonyms: conceal, hide

Example Sentence:

He likes to vaunt whenever he is with his friends.


 Synonyms: vocal, articulate

 Antonyms:  concise, terse

Example Sentence: 

 Sagarika ignored his rhetorical questions.

3. DISPARITY (NOUN): difference

Synonyms: inequality, imbalance

Antonyms: equality, similarity

Example Sentence: 

There is a huge disparity between the crime rates in the urban cities and the crime rates in the rural areas.
4. MIRTH (NOUN): great joy

Synonyms: rejoicing, levity

Antonyms: sorrow, melancholy

Example Sentence: 

They found it difficult to control their mirth when they saw their daughter’s performance.

5. ANATHEMA (NOUN): denouncement

Synonyms: denunciation, damnation

Antonyms: praise, compliment

Example Sentence: 

The children hate wearing uniforms to school and view the dress code as an anathema.

6. REBATE (NOUN): payback

Synonyms: discount, subtraction

Antonyms:  increase, rise

Example Sentence: 

A rebate of 6% is granted on imports from Great Britain.


Synonyms: ungiving, ungenerous

Antonyms: generous, spendthrift

Example Sentence: 

Manoj is an uncharitable guy.


Synonyms: indulgent, lecherous

Antonyms: resolute, moral

Example Sentence: 
Natasha has been excommunicated from the church because of her dissolute habits.

9. SPITE (NOUN): antipathy

Synonyms: contempt, animosity

Antonyms: kindness, forgiveness

Example Sentence: 

He is jealous and full of spite.

10. SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE): cheerful

Synonyms: confident, hopeful

Antonyms: depressed, pessimistic

Example Sentence: 

The bank manager did not feel sanguine about recovering the loan from them.

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