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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk & PO | 28-04-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk & PO | 28-04-18
1. MERETRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): based on pretense; deceptively pleasing

Synonyms: gaudy, flashy

Antonyms: genuine, real 

Example Sentence: 

Malaika was flaunting her meretricious bracelet.

2. CATASTROPHE (NOUN): calamity

Synonyms: adversity, fiasco

Antonyms: fortune, prosperity

Example Sentence:

Since the caterer failed to appear, my party was a catastrophe.

Synonyms: impertinent, ill-mannered

Antonyms: mannered, nice

Example Sentence: 

Vishu asked an impertinent question to the journalist.

4. FAMINE (NOUN): hunger

Synonyms: starvation, dearth

Antonyms: abundance, plenty

Example Sentence:

Drought resulted in famine throughout the region.

5.BLANDISHMENT (NOUN): flattery 

Synonyms: adulation, cajolery

Antonyms: criticism, denunciation 

Example Sentence: 

He is a decent man not the one who can be impressed with the blandishments. 

6. ENCOMIUM (NOUN): praise

Synonyms: accolade, compliment

Antonyms: blame, condemnation 

Example Sentence:

An IIT qualified was showered encomium on his grand success.

7. NEXUS (NOUN): link

Synonyms: bond, connection

Antonyms: interruption, exteriority

Example Sentence: 

I share a strong nexus with my cousin.

8. ASPHYXIATE (VERB): cut off air

Synonyms: smother, stifle

Antonyms: breathe, loosen

Example Sentence:

Aneesh died because someone asphyxiated his oxygen cylinder. 

9. REMONSTRATE (VERB): protest

Synonyms: complain, dispute

Antonyms: agree, concede

Example Sentence: 

The officials remonstrated against the injustice in their department.

10.OSTRACISM (NOUN): banishment 

Synonyms: avoidance, boycott

Antonyms: acceptance, allowance 

Example Sentence: 

In Athens, ostracism gratuitously anticipated a crime.

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