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Friday, 27 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 27-04-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 27-04-18
1. HABITUATE (VERB):  accustom 

Synonyms: apprise, familiarize

Antonyms: neglect, ignore

Example Sentence: 

Arushi has to habituate herself with the filing system. 

2. GORGE (VERB): eat greedily

Synonyms: gulp, guzzle

Antonyms: fast, starve

Example Sentence: 

Aniket gorged all the mangoes while waiting for his friends.

3. AVER (VERB): to state firmly and strongly that something is true 

Synonyms: assert, declare

Antonyms: deny, disclaim 

Example Sentence: 

Nia averred that she had never seen that man before. 

4. ELLIPTICAL (ADJECTIVE): oval-shaped

Synonyms: egg-shaped, ellipsoidal

Antonyms: square-shaped, rectangular-shaped

Example Sentence:

Mayur was told about an elliptical orbit.

5. MALODOROUS (ADJECTIVE): foul-smelling

Synonyms: decomposed, noxious

Antonyms: aromatic, savory

Example Sentence: 

They decided to stay away from the malodorous room.

6. QUIRK (NOUN): strange act

Synonyms: knack, quibble

Antonyms: conformity, normality

Example Sentence: 

It was just another quirk by Mohit.

7. NIGGARD (ADJECTIVE): ungenerous 

Synonyms: penurious, miserly

Antonyms: generous, kind

Example Sentence:

Siya is a niggard landlady.

8. REPINE (VERB): complain 

Synonyms: grumble, lament

Antonyms: compliment, praise 

Example Sentence: 

Anjali repined against Abhineet. 

9. GLIB (ADJECTIVE): smooth-talking 

Synonyms: artful, facile

Antonyms: stuttering, inarticulate 

Example sentence: 

Smiriti advised women with similar issues not to settle for glib explanations. 

10. TRYST (NOUN): meeting

Synonyms: appointment, rendezvous

Antonyms: separation, division

Example Sentence:

They had dinner in a moonlight tryst.

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