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Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 26-04-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 26-04-18

1. CLINCH (VERB): secure

Synonyms: clutch, clasp

Antonyms: let go, liberate

Example Sentence:

He wanted to impress him to clinch a business deal.

2. VESTIGE (NOUN): sign

Synonyms: hint, indication

Antonyms: information, knowledge

Example Sentence: 

After the huge fire, only a vestige of the house remained visible among the ashes.

Synonyms: inducement, attraction

Antonyms: disgust, dissuasion

Example Sentence: 

They inclined to check the financial enticements.


Synonyms: uncommon, unusual

Antonyms: usual, normal

Example Sentence: 

The Internet has erased distance and given people unprecedented access to each other.

5. ABERRATION (NOUN): oddity

Synonyms: eccentricity, weirdness

Antonyms: normality, usualness

Example Sentence: 

A person with one blue eye and one green eye is said to have a genetic aberration.

6. VEST (VERB): authorize

Synonyms: bestow, endow

Antonyms: refuse, dislodge

Example Sentence: 

Executive power is vested in the post of the President.

7. WADE (VERB): initiate

Synonyms: start, launch

Antonyms: end, finish

Example Sentence: 

He proposes to wade discussions on planning procedures.

8. FERMENT (NOUN): commotion

Synonyms: tumult, turbulence

Antonyms: tranquillity, stillness

Example Sentence: 

They were distracted by a ferment across the street.

9. DISCERNIBLE (ADJECTIVE): recognizable

Synonyms: appreciable, perceptible

Antonyms: ambiguous, doubtful

Example Sentence: 

The scandal had no discernible effect on her career.

10. PANDER (VERB): cajole

Synonyms: please, gratify

Antonyms: disappoint, dissatisfy

Example Sentence:

Each time we dine there, Kulyash manages to pander the waiter.

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