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Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 22-04-18

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1. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): horrible

Synonyms: daunting, dreadful

Antonyms: friendly, harmless

Example sentence: 

She witnessed a dire incident.

2. NETTLE (VERB): annoy

Synonyms: irritate, disturb

Antonyms: appease, please

Example sentence: 

Nothing can nettle me like irritating drivers who text while behind the wheel.

3. CLUMSY (ADJECTIVE): cumbersome

Synonyms: burdensome, unwieldy

Antonyms: convenient, helpful

Example sentence: 

This animal has a very durable but clumsy fur.

4. DECIPHER (VERB): understand

Synonyms: construe, figure out

Antonyms: misunderstand, confuse

Example sentence:

He was deciphering me the schedule.


Synonyms: actual, authentic

Antonyms: deceiving, deceptive

Example sentence:

I was asked for all the bona fide documents.


Synonyms: discreet, judicious

Antonyms: careless, negligent

Example sentence: 

Rakesh is a vigilant guard.

7. FAVOUR (NOUN): approval 

Synonyms: backing, benefit

Antonyms: disfavour, opposition

Example sentence: 

I do not need any favour from anybody.

8. FACULTATIVE (NOUN): open to choice

Synonyms: unrestricted, discretionary

Antonyms: nondiscretionary, restricted

Example sentence: 

The provisions of neither convention are obligatory, but merely facultative, amounting only to recommendations.

9. GENUFLECTION (NOUN): expression

Synonyms: indication, nod

Antonyms: speech, talk

Example sentence: 

This is a very kind genuflection of yours.

10. MELIORATE (VERB): correct

Synonyms: revise, reform

Antonyms: repress, retreat

Example sentence: 

They meliorated their living standards.

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