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Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 21-04-18

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1. CAPSIZE (VERB): invalidate

Synonyms: reverse, repeal

Antonyms: approve, permit

Example Sentence:

The Ministry of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has capsized the NGT verdict.

MOTIVE  (NOUN): intention

Synonyms: preoccupied, resolved

Antonyms: unfixed, unstable

Example Sentence:

It signals the motive to support centres of excellence.

3. NURTURE (NOUN): breeding

Synonyms: care, feed

Antonyms: deprivation, starvation

Example Sentence:

The nurture of children is mandatory.

4. SERENITY (NOUN): composure

Synonyms: calmness, patience

Antonyms: agitation, disturbance

Example Sentence:

The riverside view is filled with serenity.

5. PROXIMITY (NOUN): nearness

Synonyms: closeness, adjacency

Antonyms: remoteness, distance

Example Sentence:

The map shows the geographical proximity of our two countries.

6. CONSENT (NOUN): agreement

Synonyms: approval, sanction

Antonyms: denial, dissent

Example Sentence:

The green signal is conditional on getting the consent from the government.

7. APOSTLE (NOUN): advocate

Synonyms: defender, backer

antagonist, detractor

Example Sentence:

Side stepping the requirements by the apostle is not the ideal way to work.

8. MUSE (ADJECTIVE): think about

Synonyms: consider, contemplate

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence:

Smita couldn't even begin to muse the future.


Synonyms: justifiable, conceivable

Antonyms: unreasonable, illogical

Example Sentence:

Such a simplistic approach is no longer tenable.

10. PRECEDENT (NOUN): an exemplar

Synonyms: paradigm, model

Antonyms: non standardization, imperfection

Example Sentence:
There are few precedents for this sort of legislation.

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