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Friday, 20 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 20-04-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 20-04-18

1. RAMIFICATION (NOUN): bifurcation

Synonyms: divarication, branching 

Antonyms: unity, union

Example Sentence:

An extended family with its ramifications of neighbouring in-laws.

2. ACCREDITATION (NOUN): authorization

Synonyms: documentation, testament

Antonyms: disapproval, refusal

Example Sentence: 

The accreditation of professionals was being checked.

3. CONVERSELY (ADVERB): contrary

Synonyms: contrarily, in defiance of

Antonyms: equally, similarly

Example Sentence: 

He would have preferred his sister not to work, although conversely he was also proud of what she did.

4. SUBSUME (VERB): include

Synonyms: incorporate, involve

Antonyms: release, free

Example Sentence: 

Most of these phenomena can be subsumed under two broad categories.

5. EMINENCE (NOUN): importance

Synonyms: prominence, renown

Antonyms: unimportance, insignificance

Example Sentence: 

Everybody understood her eminence in cinematography.

6. CLUTTER (NOUN): confusion

Synonyms: disorder, chaos

Antonyms: order, organisation

Example Sentence: 

This building is full of clutter.

7. OVERHAUL (VERB): repair 

Synonyms: revamp, reconstruct

Antonyms: damage, destroy

Example Sentence: 

The steering box was recently overhauled.

8. COALITION (NOUN): allied group

Synonyms: alliance, confederation

Antonyms: disassociation, disunion

Example Sentence: 

There is a coalition between Liberals and Conservatives.

9. GRAVITATE (VERB): incline

Synonyms: tend, be influenced

Antonyms: ascend, rise

Example Sentence: 

The electron does not gravitate towards the nucleus.

10. PERSECUTE (VERB): tyrannize

Synonyms: victimize, torment

Antonyms: assist, help

Example Sentence:

His followers were persecuted by the authorities.

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