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Friday, 13 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 13-04-18

Mahendra Guru
1. IMMURE (VERB): confine

Synonyms: incarcerate, imprison

Antonyms: release, let go

Example Sentence:

Garry was immured in an asylum.

2. INHIBITED (ADJECTIVE): constrained

Synonyms: repressed, reserved

Antonyms: extroverted, outgoing

Example Sentence: 

He was an inhibited soul.

3. TENURE (NOUN): time in a position of responsibility

Synonyms: ownership, occupation

Antonyms: vacancy, nonentity

Example Sentence: 

They have a right to a fair rent and security of tenure.

4. FIXITY (NOUN): determination

Synonyms: steadfastness, decidedness

Antonyms: instability, infirmity

Example Sentence: 

Everybody was impressed with her fixity.

5. STIFFEN (VERB): reinforce

Synonyms: toughen, strengthen

Antonyms: weaken, discourage

Example Sentence: 

Attempts to intimidate them have only stiffened their resolve.

6. PRECEDE (VERB): antecede

Synonyms: predate, predate

Antonyms: follow, go after

Example Sentence: 

A gun battle had preceded the explosions.

7. PROTAGONIST (NOUN): combatant

Synonyms: hero, idol

Antonyms: antagonist, opponent

Example Sentence: 

He was playing the main protagonist of a theatrical show.

8. IMPEACHMENT (NOUN): allegation

Synonyms: complaint, denunciation

Antonyms: commendation, exculpation

Example Sentence: 

He has made the detailed impeachment of the witness.

9. IMPINGE (VERB): encroach

Synonyms: infringe, intrude

Antonyms: dodge, avoid

Example Sentence: 

New cascading would impinge on a public.

10. EUPHORIA (NOUN): elation

Synonyms: joy, glee

Antonyms: sadness, unhappiness

Example Sentence: 

The lyrics of his song is filled with euphoria.

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