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Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 12-04-18

Mahendra Guru

1. CONTORTION (NOUN): crookedness

Synonyms: distortion, malformation

Antonyms: beauty, refinement

Example sentence: 

Ayush’s skills of contortion change cringe-worthy remarks into hilarious comments.

2. TRIAL (NOUN): a legal proceeding

Synonyms: prosecution, litigation

Antonyms: assistance, relief

Example sentence: 

Our company wishes to avoid trial.

3. SCRIM (NOUN): background

Synonyms: backdrop, sackings

Antonyms: center, limelight

Example sentence: 

Google appears against this backdrop.

4. VENIAL (ADJECTIVE): pardonable

Synonyms: allowable, forgivable

Antonyms: inexcusable, unforgivable

Example sentence: 

The cuss word the nonright-wingers are using is sheer venial. 


Synonyms: not spiritual, profane

Antonyms: religious, spiritual

Example sentence: 

Both secular and religious institutions can apply for the funds.

6. SWAY (NOUN): predominance

Synonyms: strong influence, command

Antonyms: powerlessness, inefficiency

Example sentence: 

Her performance created a strong sway over the audience.

7. ASSERTION (NOUN): affirmation 

Synonyms: assurance, guarantee

Antonyms: doubt, confusion

Example sentence: 

Pushkar gave me assurance that he would manage everything.

8. RESORT (VERB): make use of

Synonyms: affect, apply

Antonyms: abstain, ignore

Example sentence: 

He will resort the new theory he only developed gradually.

9. CHOP (VERB): mince

Synonyms: slash, divide

Antonyms: join, unite

Example sentence: 

Mash or chop the berries, as preferred, and add the sugar to them.

10. OBSERVATION (NOUN): attention

Synonyms: examination, inspection

Antonyms: ignorance, heedlessness

Example sentence: 

The tendency of my thought, based on observation, is to conservatism.

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