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Friday, 30 March 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 30 - 03 - 18

mahendra Guru

1.  MAR (VERB): spoil  
Synonyms: ruin, impair   
Antonyms: repair, mend 

 Example Sentence:

They tried to marred her image.

2.  MANNED (ADJECTIVE): defended

Synonyms: barricaded, guarded

  Antonyms:  unprotected, unguarded

 Example Sentence: 
  It was a manned villa.


Synonyms: flammable, explosive

 Antonyms:, non-combustible, non-explosive

Example Sentence: 

Don’t touch that bag it has a combustible material in it.

4. DEPLOY (VERB): expand

Synonyms: unfold, extend

 Antonyms: withhold, not use 

Example Sentence: 

Their campaigns are deploying volunteers to the cities to encourage people to vote.

5.  LAPSE (NOUN): mistake

  Synonyms: error, a slip

Antonyms: correction, perfection 

Example Sentence: 

Letting off the accused murderer, the citizens felt there was a lapse in justice.

6. OVERLAY (VERB): superimpose

 Synonyms: cover, coat

Antonyms: strip, uncover 

Example Sentence: 

Mysterious domain of smoke overlay the whole space in front.

7. RAGING (ADJECTIVE): violent

Synonyms: furious, turbulent

Antonyms: calm, mild

Example Sentence: 

Moving swiftly down the raging river, drowning Mukul tried his best to stay afloat while fighting the strong current.

8. TRITE (ADJECTIVE): drained

Synonyms: exhausted, worn-out

Antonyms:  fresh, new

Example Sentence: 

She did not finish the novel because the story’s plot was trite and uninspiring.

9.  RELAY (VERB): pass on

Synonyms: hand over, deliver

Antonyms: hold, keep

Example Sentence: 

In an attempt to relay updated information to all of the guests, the bride-to-be sent out a mass email with the new venue address.


Synonyms: impromptu, instinctive

 Antonyms: deliberate, intended

 Example Sentence: 

He never plans anything because he is extremely spontaneous.

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