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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 28 - 03 - 18

mahendra Guru

1.SWAY (NOUN): strong influence

Synonyms: power, authority    
Antonyms: inefficiency, powerlessness

 Example Sentence:

The CEO of a company holds sway over all of his employees.

2. SLANDER (NOUN): defamation

Synonyms: aspersion, calumny

  Antonyms:  praise, compliment

 Example Sentence: 
  The magazine is known for its habit of creating false articles that slander celebrities in order to increase sales.

3. PROPAGANDA (NOUN): disinformation

Synonyms: doctrine, brainwashing

 Antonyms: truth, reality  

Example Sentence: 

Voters should listen to facts and not to the propaganda distributed by the media.


Synonyms: vigorous, influential

 Antonyms: ineffective, insignificant

Example Sentence: 

It only took one shot of the potent antibiotic to cure the infection.

5. CRUMPLE (NOUN): wrinkle

 Synonyms: ruck, crinkle

Antonyms: smoothness, levelness

Example Sentence: 

By folding your clothing neatly, you can help them stay ironed and crumple free.

6. EVOLVE (VERB): expand

 Synonyms: develop, grow

 Antonyms: stop, lessen

 Example Sentence: 

Our Company has evolved into a major furniture manufacturer.

7. PRICKLY (ADJECTIVE): irritable

 Synonyms: grumpy, fractious

Antonyms: nice, calm   

Example Sentence: 

  Maithili was all tired and irritable.

8. MANDATE (NOUN): command

 Synonyms: decree, order

Antonyms: request, demand

Example Sentence: 

When mother and I are away from home, my teenage sister has the mandate to supervise the rest of the family.

9. IMBIBE (VERB): absorb

Synonyms: guzzle, ingest

Antonyms: abstain, refrain

Example Sentence: 

If I imbibe too much cold-drink, I find that I am troubled with extreme bouts of hiccupping.


Synonyms: acerbic, caustic

 Antonyms: gentle, kind

 Example Sentence: 

 Her body is witnessed of the corrosive effects of salt water.

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