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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 13 - 03 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 13 - 03 - 18

1.CLEANSE (VERB): clean

Synonyms:  disinfect, purge

Antonyms:  dirty, corrupt

Example Sentence:

To cleanse your clothes, you will have to use TIDE.

2. TAINT (NOUN): corruption

Synonyms: blemish, stigma

Antonyms: advantage, blank

Example Sentence:

I will not hear it from your lips, and with the taint of your wickedness upon it.

3. STRAY (VERB): deviate

Synonyms: diverge, divagate

Antonyms: stay, reversion

Example Sentence:

We must never stray from our path.

4. PERSIST (VERB): carry on

Synonyms: endure, persevere

Antonyms: discontinue, halt

Example Sentence:

The soldiers persisted on carrying on the attacks.

5. ASSAULT (VERB): attack

Synonyms: assail, charge

Antonyms: retreat, regroup

Example Sentence:

Whenever we assault, we destroy our enemy.

6. FLIMSY (ADJECTIVE): light, thin

Synonyms: feeble, shaky

Antonyms: healthy, sound

Example Sentence:

Shipra is flimsy.

7. SCANTY (ADJECTIVE): inadequate

Synonyms: insufficient, meager

Antonyms: enough, full

Example Sentence:

The dinner was scanty.

8. DICHOTOMY (NOUN):  division

Synonyms: disagreement, split

Antonyms: unity, consensus

Example Sentence:

We must remove the dichotomy between the warring employees.

9. WITHER (VERB): decline

Synonyms: shrink, languish

Antonyms: develop, enlarge

Example Sentence:

Intellectuals are withering and self-claimed foolish masters are ruling the world.


Synonyms: sole, lone

Antonyms: sociable, combined

Example Sentence:

We must combat the enemy using our solitary units.

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