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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 11 - 03 - 18

mahendra Guru

1.      MORDANT (ADJECTIVE): sarcastic

Synonyms: rancorous, bitter

Antonyms: kind, nice

Example Sentence:

He describes the situation with mordant wit.

2.      NARCOTIZE (VERB): anesthetize

Synonyms: deaden, desensitize

Antonyms: enliven, revitalize

Example Sentence:

He prescribed a medicine that does not heal but merely narcotizes.

3.      ERUDITE (ADJECTIVE): scholarly

Synonyms:  educated, learned

Antonyms: unintellectual, absent-minded

Example Sentence:

Ella is one of the erudite students of the class.

4. SPUNKY (ADJECTIVE): spirited

Synonyms: energetic, courageous

Antonyms: inactive, lethargic

Example Sentence:

Amelie is a spunky girl.


Synonyms:  steadfast, undeterred

Antonyms:  coward, timorous

Example Sentence:

David is an undaunted man.

6. APPEASE (VERB): pacify

Synonyms:   soothe, satisfy

Antonyms: aggravate, irritate

Example Sentence:

Every political party tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank.
     7. GENUFLECT (VERB): kowtow

Synonyms:  bow, kneel

Antonyms:  disrespect, disregard

Example Sentence:

I just genuflect before almighty.

8. UNIMPEACHMENT (ADJECTIVE): irreproachable

Synonyms: Blameless. Impeccable

Antonyms: Impeachable, culpable

Example Sentence:

He is a man with unimpeachable.


Synonyms:  barbed, hateful

Antonyms:  friendly, kind

Example Sentence:

There stood a very spiteful person in the corner of the room.

10. TREPIDATION (NOUN): apprehension

Synonyms: anxiety, worry

Antonyms: assurance, composure

Example Sentence:

 She had some kind of trepidation in her mind.

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