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Monday, 26 March 2018

Banking Awareness Quiz for NABARD Grade-A Exam | 26.03.18

mahendra Guru

Banking Awareness Quiz for NABARD Grade-A Exam | 26.03.18

1. Central Government constituted an Inter- ministerial Committee (IMC) under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, Women and Child Development to tackle menace of ________.

(A) Human trafficking

(B) Water Pollution

(C) Tax Evasion

(D) Child Labour

(E) None of These 

Ans - (A)

2. Government formed committee headed by Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog ________ to study Brahmaputra and flood control measures in Assam and neighbouring states.

(A) Bibek Debroy

(B) Arvind Mayaram

(C) Rajiv Kumar

(D) Shekhar Basu

(E) None of These

Ans – (C)

3. Ministry of Defence (Department of Defence Production) constituted a 17 member task force headed by Tata Sons Chairman _________ to study use and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in military.

(A) Ratan Tata

(B) Cyrus Mistry

(C) Sunder Pichai

(D) N Chandrasekaran

(E) None of These

Ans – (C)

4. Ministry of Defence (MoD) constituted 13-member Raksha Mantri Advisory Committee on Ministry of Defence Capital Projects (RMCOMP), to be headed by former secretary _________. It will monitor and expedite capital acquisition projects for modernisation of armed forces and bolster armed forces preparedness.

(A) Nripendra Misra

(B) I.V. Subba Rao

(C) N K Sinha

(D) Shobhana K Pattanayak

(E) Vinay Sheel Oberoi

Ans – (E)

5. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) constituted an expert committee to look into issues relating to classification of bad loans, effectiveness of audits and rising incidents of frauds. It will be headed by ________.

(A) Sekhar Basu

(B) Arun Srivastava

(C) Y H Malegam

(D) Nripendra Misra

(E) None of These

Ans – (C)

6. University Grants Commission (UGC) constituted a four-member Empowered Expert Committee headed by Former Chief Election Commissioner ___________, for conducting appraisal of applications for shortlisting 20 Institutions of Eminence (IoE).

(A) N Gopalaswami

(B) Om Prakash Rawat

(C) Ashok Lavasa

(D) Sunil Arora

(E) None of These

Ans – (A)

7. PepsiCo Chairman and CEO _______ is appointed as International Cricket Council’s (ICC) first-ever independent female director.

(A) Chanda Kochchar

(B) Indra Nooyi

(C) Shikha Sharma

(D) Pratibha Patil

(E) None of These

Ans – (B)

8. Rakesh Singh has been appointed as private banking head of _______ .

(A) ICICI Bank

(B) AXIS Bank

(C) HDFC Bank

(D) Yes Bank

(E) None of These

Ans – (C)

9. Sudhir Tripathi has been appointed as new chief secretary of ______.

(A) West Bengal

(B) Odisha

(C) Bihar

(D) Chhattisgarh

(E) Jharkhand

Ans – (E)

10. Syed Mahmud Hossain has been appointed as new Chief Justice of Neighboring Nation __________.

(A) Nepal

(B) Myanmar

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Sri Lanka

(E) None of These

Ans – (C)

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