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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 22 - 02 - 18



Synonyms:  debauched, voluptuous

Antonyms: ethical, moral

Example Sentence:

He is denounced for his libertine nature.

2. ALTRUISTIC (NOUN): charitable

Synonyms: patron, philanthropist

Antonyms: opponent, antagonist

Example Sentence:

Karan was famous for his altruistic nature.


Synonyms: ornery, rude

Antonyms: sophisticated, gentle

Example Sentence:

Mukund is very churlish fellow.

4. VAGARY (NOUN): sudden change in idea or mood

Synonyms: caprice, impulse

Antonyms: certainty, anticipated

Example Sentence:

Her vagary shocked everyone at home.

5. MAGNANIMITY (NOUN): generosity

Synonyms: chivalry, philanthropy

Antonyms: meanness, selfishness

Example Sentence:

Mukesh is known for his magnanimity.

6. ADDUCE (VERB): cite as evidence

Synonyms: affirm, prove

Antonyms: obscure, hide

Example Sentence:

Since the lawyer couldn’t adduce his point,the judge didn’t believe his hypothesis.

7. EENUI (NOUN):boredom

Synonyms: apathy, languor

Antonyms: happiness, gladness

Example Sentence:

Kabir succumbed to ennui and despair.

8. GOURMANDIZE (VERB):  eat too much      
Synonyms: gluttonize, binge

Antonyms: diet, fast

Example Sentence:

Even if the cuisines are tasty do not gourmandize in the party.

9. ATONE (VERB): compensate

Synonyms: apologize, redeem

Antonyms: disagree, spoil

Example Sentence:

You must atone for the injustice you have done to innocent people.

10. ABJURE (VERB): give up

Synonyms: recant, renege

Antonyms: allow, emphasize

Example Sentence:

We must abjure the pursuit of sinful acts.

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