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Friday, 2 February 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 02 - 02 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 01 - 02 - 18

1.IMPROPRIETY (NOUN): misconduct, dishonesty

Synonyms:  indecency, rudeness    
Antonyms: correction, propriety   

Example Sentence:

The court committed judicial impropriety.

2. WARRANT (VERB): official affirm or guarantee  

Synonyms: justify, vindicate   

Antonyms: charge, disprove

Example Sentence:

Serious concerns are required to warrant his removal.

3. APEX (NOUN): the top or highest part of something

Synonyms: culmination, pinnacle     
Antonyms: bottom, base    

Example Sentence:

He violated an order from the apex court.

4. DEVIATE (VERB): depart from usual standards
Synonyms: deflect, depart

Antonyms: agree, stay
Example Sentence:

The employee has deviated from the work.

5. TENDER (VERB): to offer, present formally

Synonyms: supple, delicate    

Antonyms: unbreakable, callous

Example Sentence:

He has not tendered his resignation.

6. IGNOMINY (NOUN): public shame or disgrace

Synonyms: meanness, disgrace    

Antonyms: praise, admiration  

Example Sentence:

Options are always available to avoid the ignominy of the process.


a charge of misconduct

Synonyms: allegation, denunciation  

Antonyms: approval, flattery     

Example Sentence:

The word impeachment is used in Article 61.

8. PLOT (NOUN):  conspiracy  

 Synonyms: scam, trick   

Antonyms: ignorance, innocence

Example Sentence:

There was a plot to influence public servants.

9. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): a fierce or destructive attack

Synonyms: offensive, assault   

Antonyms: retreat, defense   

Example Sentence:

There was an onslaught on the shops.

10. CUMBERSOME (ADJECTIVE): unmanageable

Synonyms: awkward, tiresome    

Antonyms: convenient, airy     

Example Sentence:

The process of removing a judge is really cumbersome.

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