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Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 15 - 02 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 15 - 02 - 18
1.COUNTERPART (NOUN): equivalent

Synonyms:  peer, fellow

Antonyms: different, dissimilar

Example Sentence:

The Ramallah visit has come just weeks after his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited India

2. SOVEREIGN (NOUN): a ruler

Synonyms: monarch, potentate

Antonyms: dependence, heteronomy

Example Sentence:

We hope that Palestine soon becomes a sovereign and independent country in a peaceful atmosphere.

3. ORIENTATION (NOUN): a person’s basic attitude

Synonyms: assimilation, direction 

Antonyms: dis-orientation, mix-up 

Example Sentence:

It stood to the east of the latter, and had a different orientation.

4. EQUATE (VERB): consider to be the same

Synonyms: compare, liken

Antonyms: differentiate, discern

Example Sentence:

The system cannot be equated with those of an undisturbed assemblage.

5. ENDOW (VERB): provide with a quality

Synonyms: bless, favour

Antonyms: deplete, strip

Example Sentence:

India is endowed with 16 major forest types.

6. CUMULATIVE (ADJECTIVE): progressive

Synonyms: accretive, additive

Antonyms: decrescent, regressive

Example Sentence:

The ministry report has calculated a cumulative loss forest in Mizoram.

7. INDIGENOUS (ADJECTIVE): Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.

Synonyms: aboriginal, domestic

Antonyms: alien, exotic

Example Sentence:

These lands provide the opportunity to bring back diverse and indigenous tree.

8. ABSURDITY (NOUN):  being ridiculous  
Synonyms: craziness, foolishness 

Antonyms: wisdom, seriousness 

Example Sentence:

Farm incomes are unattractive for a variety of reasons; the absurdity of policies features among them.

9. WITHER (VERB): decline

Synonyms: shrink, languish

Antonyms: develop, enlarge

Example Sentence:

Intellectuals are withering and self-claimed foolish masters are ruling the world.


Synonyms: blazing, gaudy

Antonyms: bleak, concealed

Example Sentence:

We can be blinded by the glaring light of the nuclear blast.

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