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Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 11 - 02 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 11 - 02 - 18
1.PALTRY (NOUN): small or meager

Synonyms:  paucity, insufficiency

Antonyms: abundance, enough  

Example Sentence:

Although I paid a great deal for the gourmet meal, I only received a paltry amount of food on my plate.

2. SARTORIAL (ADJECTIVE): pertaining to tailors

Synonyms: stylish, elegant

Antonyms: frumpy, dumpy

Example Sentence:

Today, the sartorial movement is starting to make a comeback.

3. VALOR (NOUN): bravery

Synonyms: heroism, prowess

Antonyms: cowardice, meekness

Example Sentence:

His valor is well known by everyone of us and we have no doubt on it.

4. DILIGENT (ADJECTIVE): hard-working

Synonyms: persevering, earnest

Antonyms: weary, ignorant     

Example Sentence:

We need to be diligent regarding our tasks for becoming successful in life.


Synonyms: drony, lethargic

Antonyms: diligent, industrious

Example Sentence:

They are extremely indolent, they need to improve a lot.

6. DIALOGUE (NOUN): talk

Synonyms: parley, colloquy

Antonyms: soliloquy, monologue  

Example Sentence:

Have you forgotten the dialogue?

7. NAP (NOUN): short sleep

Synonyms: catnap, doze

Antonyms: unconsciousness, death

Example Sentence:

We need to keep taking naps because we have to retain our energy.

8. RESHUFFLE (VERB):  reorganize

 Synonyms: reorient, rejuvenate

Antonyms: damage, raze

Example Sentence:

We are going to reshuffle the top management of the company.

9. BEREFT (VERB): to take away

Synonyms: deplete, bereaved

Antonyms: replete, furbished  

Example Sentence:

They will bereft you of your family. Hence, beware of them.

10. GIBE (NOUN): ridicule

Synonyms: jab, sarcasm

Antonyms: compliment, commendation

Example Sentence:

We must avoid gibes at our friends and other relatives.

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