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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 07 - 02 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 07 - 02 - 18

1.GENOCIDE (NOUN): the deliberate killing of a large group of people

Synonyms:  massacre, slaughter      
Antonyms: birth, creation    

Example Sentence:

People were seeking shelter in India from genocide in East Pakistan.

2. DISSIDENT (NOUN): protester

Synonyms: discordant, sectarian    

Antonyms: agreeing, conforming

Example Sentence:

Afghan refugees have never been given space in India nor should Baloch political dissident.

3. NAIVE (ADJECTIVE): showing a lack of experience

Synonyms: artless, callow         

Antonyms: aware, experienced

Example Sentence:

These all the boys are completely naïve.

4. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): extremely serious

Synonyms: acute, critical   

Antonyms: calm, mild    

Example Sentence:

They are facing dire prospect of victimisation want of sanctuary.


Synonyms: bluffing, conniving    

Antonyms: artless, rough

Example Sentence:

Now I know why you came sneaking out here.

6. SINISTER (ADJECTIVE): inauspicious

Synonyms: evil, ominous

Antonyms: auspicious, lucky

Example Sentence:

The result has falsified all sinister forebodings.

7. COURT (VERB): pay special attention

Synonyms: chase, pursue   

Antonyms: escape, retreat

Example Sentence:

Courting the rankings is also very necessary.

8. EUPHORIA (NOUN):  delight

 Synonyms: elation, glee

Antonyms: depression, sorrow

Example Sentence:

The euphoria over reports of India is dampened now.


Synonyms: ghastly, murky

Antonyms: clear, luminous

Example Sentence:

There is an acknowledgment of our dismal performance.

10. FRONTIER (NOUN): border

Synonyms: bound, limit    

Antonyms: inside, interior

Example Sentence:

The distance to frontier ranking score is 40.76.

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