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Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Hindu Editorial : Mind The Perimeter

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Editorial : Mind The Perimeter

Title: Mind The Perimeter 

(The security protocol at military installations must be speedily upgraded ) 

• The garrison of the 36 Brigade of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry was attacked last Saturday by a small group of heavily armed terrorists that managed to enter the residential quarters of soldiers. 

• While three terrorists were killed, six soldiers and a civilian lost their lives. Many more sustained injuries. 

• The Sunjuwan attack exposes the vulnerabilities in perimeter security and the scant progress made in improving the security protocol since the attack on the Pathankot Air Force station in January 2016. 

• Since then, there have been major attacks in Uri, Handwara, Nagrota and Panzgam, with significant casualties. 

• In the aftermath of Pathankot, a committee headed by a former Army vice chief, Lt General Philip Campose, undertook a security audit of all military bases across the country. 

• It identified sensitive installations and recommended measures to fortify them. 

• In addition, in July 2017 the government delegated substantial financial powers to the three services to strengthen perimeter security at military installations. 

• As the terror attack in Jammu was under way, the Defence Ministry sanctioned ₹1,487 crore to strengthen sensitive military installations across the country as per the recommendations of a 2016 audit. 

• It must be borne in mind that a successful attack does not necessarily mean that the soldier on the ground is lax in performing his duties. Many bases along the border are located in tough terrain, and are in close proximity to civilian dwellings, demanding care from the soldier to avoid civilian casualties in crossfire while adhering to the standard operating procedures. 

• It is time the Defence Ministry adopted a holistic approach, making sure that the soldier is fully backed by technology and calibrated security drills.
Vocabulary words: 

  • Perimeter (noun) = Circumference (परिधि) 
  • Casualty (noun) = Mortality, person killed in a war (हादसा) 
  • Garrison (noun) = Armed forces (गढ़सेना) 
  • Infantry (noun) = Soldiers marching on foot (पैदल सेना) 
  • Worrisome (adj) = Causing anxiety or concern (चिंताजनक) 
  • Infiltrate (verb) = Penetrate, invade (घुसपैठ) 
  • Lapse (noun) = Failure, mistake (खामियां) 
  • Scant (adj) = Barely sufficient or adequate (थोड़ा) 
  • Fortify (verb) = Strengthen (मज़बूत करना) 
  • Delegate (verb) = Assign, entrust (सौपना) 
  • overhaul (verb) = Service, maintain (पूरी मरम्मत) 
  • Impetus (noun) = Encouragement (प्रोत्साहन) 
  • Ad hoc (latin phrase) = For this 
  • Lax (adj) = Relaxed, careless (बेपरवाह) 
  • Proximity (noun) = Nearness in space, time and 
  • relationship (निकटता) 
  • Calibre (noun) = Competence (योग्यता) 
  • Aftermath (noun) = Consequences (परिणाम) 

West Bengal 

• Art forms = Terracotta Craft, Kantha Embroidery  Chhau, Tusu , Rabindra sangeet 
• State Flower = Nyctanthes arbor-tristis  (Night flowering Jasmine, Shefali) 
• Rivers = Ganga, Bhagirathi, Hoogly, Teesta 
• State Bird = White-throated kingfisher 
• State Animal = Fishing cat 
• National Parks = Gourmara, Buxa, Neora, etc. 
• Biosphere reserves = Sunderbans 

• State Flower? 
• Rivers ? 
• State Bird ? 
• State Animal? 
• When did it formed? 
• Bordered states?

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