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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS Clerk Mains | 14 - 01 - 18

mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS Clerk Mains | 14 - 01 - 18
1. CONDON(VERB): excuse

Synonyms: ignore, disregard      
Antonyms: censure, deny   

Example Sentence:

They condoned me in the office.

Synonyms: prompt, agile

Antonyms: delayed, sluggish
Example Sentence:

They were alacritous to be caught.


Synonyms: angular, bleak  

Antonyms: fat, cheerful  

Example Sentence:

Some students are becoming gaunt day by day.

4. DOLOROUS (ADJECTIVE): distressing   

Synonyms: afflicted, calamitous

Antonyms: hopeful, cheery

Example Sentence:

His dolorous conditions made me cry.

5. INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): not able to express oneself

Synonyms: incoherent, hesitant   

Antonyms: articulate, communicative

Example Sentence:

He delivered an inarticulate speech.


Synonyms: ambulatory, rallying  

Antonyms: faltering, sickly 
Example Sentence:

I found her condition convalescent.

7. SUBLIME (ADJECTIVE): transcendent

Synonyms: abstract, glorious

Antonyms: inferior, secondary   

Example Sentence:

The most sublime act is not considered valid here.

8. DETOUR (NOUN): diversion

Synonyms: deviation, crotch  

Antonyms: straightness, direction  
Example Sentence:

We had to follow detour due to high traffic jam.

9. SCRIMMAGE (NOUN): fight

Synonyms: scuffle, battle

Antonyms: peace, harmony  

Example Sentence:

The news of scrimmage was printed.

10. CAULK (VERB): block

Synonyms: fence, close  

Antonyms: free, release   
Example Sentence:

The caulk has to cover the gap between the wall and the tub.

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