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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Hindu Editorial :The Arc To Southeast Asia

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The Hindu Editorial :The Arc To Southeast Asia

Title: The Arc To Southeast Asia

(India and ASEAN must draw up a functional roadmap to enhance ties)

This week India will host heads of state or government of all 10 nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for the Republic Day celebrations.

• There has been a sense of disillusionment on both sides about the present state of play in the relationship.

• It is important for India and ASEAN to chart out a more operational, though modest, agenda for future cooperation-

(1)- Enhancing trade and economic linkages between India and ASEAN.

(2)- Focus on areas such as digital technologies.

Focus on projects

• Instead of talking about ASEAN-wide connectivity projects, New Delhi now needs to focus on more effective delivery of projects it is already committed to.

• Prompt completion of the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway.

• Improving air connectivity between India and ASEAN countries should also be high on the agenda.

• The cultural connect between the two needs strengthening


• The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a regional intergovernmental organisation comprising ten Southeast Asian countries which promotes Pan-Asianism and intergovernmental cooperation and  facilitates economic, political, security, military, educational and socio-cultural integration amongst its members and other Asian countries.

• Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia

• Founded: 8 August 1967

• Members:

• (1)-Thailand

• (2)- Vietnam

• (3)- Indonesia

• (4)- Philippines (5)- Malaysia

• (6)- Singapore

• (7)- Myanmar (Burma)

• (8)- Cambodia (9)- Laos

• (10)- Brunei

Title: A Turtle Recovery Plan

(Integrated conservation measures are needed to protect sea turtles)

• Every year, thousands of sea turtles are accidentally captured, injured or killed by mechanised boats, trawl nets and gill nets operated and used by commercial fishermen.

• Each year, environmentalists record a high number of dead turtles washing up ashore.

• There are five species in Indian waters — Leatherback, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green and Olive Ridley.

• In India, sea turtles are protected under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, under the Schedule I Part II.

• Bycatch is one such example, which is the name given to ocean animals that are unintentionally caught by fishing gear.

• The turtle breeding season is usually between November and December.

• Olive Ridley nests between December and April along the Chennai-Kancheepuram coastline.

• The eastern coastline is the feeding area for Olive Ridley, juvenile Hawksbills and Green turtles.

Workable solutions

• Under current regulations, mechanised trawl boats are not allowed to operate within 8 km of the shore in Andhra Pradesh, 5.5 km in Tamil Nadu and 5 km in Odisha.

• In the U.S., all trawl shrimp fishing vessels need to be equipped with turtle excluder devices or TEDs.

• Vocabulary words:

• Commemorate (verb) = Recall or show respect for (अभिनंदन या स्मरण करना)

• Unprecedented (adj) = Never done or known before (बेमिसाल, अभूतपूर्व)

• Flux (noun) = The action or process of flowing (प्रवाह, निरंतर परिवर्तन)

• Disillusionment (noun) = Disappointment from unexpected occurrence (मोहभंग)

• Candid (adj) = Truthful or straightforward (स्पष्टवादी)

• Crevice (noun) =
A crack (दरार)

• Lacklustre (adj) = Lacking in force, dull (मंद)

• Bilateral (adj) = Relating two sides (द्विपक्षीय)

• Gaze (noun) = A steady intent look (टकटकी)

• Temptation (noun) = The desire to do something wrong, attract someone (प्रलोभन)

• Inadvertently (adv) = Without intention, accidentally (अनजाने में)

• Integrity (noun) = Honest, uprightness (अखंडता, सत्यनिष्ठा)

• Entangle (verb) = Cause to become twisted together with or

• caught in (उलझा हुआ)

• Ashore (adverb) = On land as opposed to at sea (तट पर)

• Congregate (verb) = Gather, assemble (एकत्रित होना)

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