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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Hindu Editorial : All Gore

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The Hindu Editorial : All Gore

Title: All gore

(Regulating JALLIKATTU remains an impossible challenge for district authorities in Tamil Nadu)

• Two onlookers have died in the space of two days in the Jallikattu events in Palamedu and Avaarangadu in Tamil Nadu as the barricades separating the spectators from the arena were inadequate.

• The Animal Welfare Board of India, which was earlier in the forefront of documenting instances of mismanagement in the organising of Jallikattu events, seems to have shifted its stance with a change of office-bearers.

• When the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu on the basis of submissions made by the AWBI, which recorded instances of cruelty to animals in regulated events, it did so on the ground that regulations were not working.

• JALLIKATTU is now back on the Pongal calendar.

• District authorities have so far failed to find better ways to regulate the events, but more than the size of an event, the scale is the challenge.

Title: Following the grain trail

(The Many States have initiated ‘reforms’ of the public distribution system that are hurting millions of people)

• Recent disruptions of the PDS have taken different forms, from compulsory biometric authentication to so-called direct benefit transfer (DBT).

Biometric mix-ups

• The Jharkhand government made Aadhaar-based biometric authentication compulsory for PDS users.

• Those who were still able to buy their food rations faced considerable inconvenience due to connectivity and biometric failures

• The Jharkhand government mass-cancelled ration cards not linked with Aadhaar.

• The monthly PDS rations of 5 kg per person were restricted to those whose individual names had been linked with Aadhaar in the ration-cards database.

The cash route

• The transition to so-called “direct benefit transfer”

• The DBT system was initiated in Nagri Block of Ranchi district last October, on an experimental basis.

• The main problem with DBT is that people waste enormous time shuttling between the banks, Pragya Kendras (common service centres) and ration shops to get hold of their money and then use it to buy rice at the ration shop.

Final words

• Jharkhand is among the worst cases of destabilisation of the PDS, but similar moves are happening in other States; Bihar, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.

• The most disturbing aspect of this trend is a lack of concern for the hardships that people face.

• Vocabulary words:

• Gore = Blood that has been shed as a result of

• violence, a triangular piece of cloth

• Inherently = In a characteristics way (स्वाभाविक)

• Onlookers = A spectator (दर्शक)

• Arena = A level area surrounded by seating in

• which sports are held (अखाड़ा)

• Induct = Allow into (शामिल)

• Revival = An improvement in the condition (पुनः प्रवर्तन)

• Scrutiny = Critically observation (जांच)

• Forefront = The leading position (सबसे आगे)

• Submissions = An act of surrendering to a hold by one's

• opponent (प्रस्तुतियाँ)

• Rampaging = Move through a place in a violent and

• uncontrollable manner (हिसात्मक आचरण)

• Trail = Series, stream (निशान)

• Intensify = Escalate, boost (बढ़ाना)

• Consequences = Result (परिणाम)

• Sobering = Become more serious (गंभीर)

• Siphon = Transfer illegally (गबन)

• Crusade = A vigorous campaign for political, social or

• religious change (धर्मयुद्ध)

• Flagrant = Obviously offensive (ज्वलंत)

• Roundabout = Not following a short direct route (गोलमोल)

• Shuttling = Travel regularly between two or more places

• (चक्कर लगाना)

• Fume = Express great anger (क्रोधावेग)

• Malady = A serious problem, sickness (रोग, नुक़सान)

• Deprive = Suffering a severe lack of basic materials (वंचित)

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