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Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 09 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 07 -12 - 17
   1. SERENE  (ADJECTIVE): calm

Synonyms: laid-back, placid

Antonyms:  clamorous, turbulent

Example Sentence:

We must work in a serene environment.

Synonyms: acquainted, habituated

Antonyms: unaccustomed, unusual

Example Sentence:

We must get accustomed people to get the job done.

3. RHETORIC (NOUN):  Long Speech

Synonyms:  discourse, oration

Antonyms: quietness, conciseness

Example Sentence: 

Sir Martin Luther King Jr was a man of inspirational rhetoric.

4. KIOSK (NOUN):  booth

Synonyms: stall, rotunda

Antonyms: brick and mortar shop 

Example Sentence:

She bought the cellphone sim for her mother from a kiosk. 

5. STRAY (VERB): deviate

Synonyms:  diverge, divagate

Antonyms:  stay, reversion

Example Sentence: 

We must never stray from our path.

6. DICHOTMY (NOUN): division

Synonyms:  disagreement, split 

Antonyms: unity, consensus

Example Sentence: 

 We must remove the dichotomy between the warring employees.

 7. FEEBLE  (ADJECTIVE): not strong

Synonyms: paltry, decrepit

Antonyms:  competent, hearty

Example Sentence: 

We must never pay attention to feeble deeds.

8. EMULATING (VERB): copy the actions of

Synonyms:   mimic, imitate

Antonyms: neglect, overlook 

Example Sentence: 

My parrot is an expert in emulating me.

9. PROLIFERATION  (NOUN): increase

Synonyms: expansion, spreading

Antonyms: stagnation, contraction

Example Sentence: 

Flowers are important for the proliferation of positivity.

10. BESEECH  (VERB): beg earnestly

Synonyms: implore, adjure

Antonyms: refuse, give

Example Sentence:

She beseeched him to cut his drinking and smoking.

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