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Friday, 8 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 08 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 07 -12 - 17

 1. EXPLOIT (NOUN): achievement

    Synonyms: accomplishment, attainment

    Antonyms: inaction, failure

    Example Sentence:

   We have many exploits to our name.


   Synonyms: sardonic, satiric

  Antonyms: mild, kind

  Example Sentence:

  We must crack satirical jokes only when it’s not a problem.

3. INCURSION (NOUN): invasion

   Synonyms: intrusion, infiltration

   Antonyms: regroup, retreat

   Example Sentence: 

  The enemy may use F-16s for incursion.

4. ABSOLVE (VERB): to be free 

   Synonyms: acquit, discharge

   Antonyms: charge, condemn 

   Example Sentence: 

 Criminals may be absolved from the legal system but they always remain a criminal in     the  view of the society. 

5. RENDER (VERB): deliver

    Synonyms: cede, impart

   Antonyms: seize, conceal

   Example Sentence: 

   We need to render the details of the deal.

6. BEGET (VERB): create

   Synonyms: generate 

   Antonyms: decimate, demolish

   Example Sentence: 

   We beget beautiful pieces of art for our aspirants to study.


    Synonyms: relentless, staunch

    Antonyms: irresolute, pliable

   Example Sentence: 

   Steadfast people get what they want.

8. PREDOMINANT (ADJECTIVE): most important

    Synonyms: prevalent, authoritative 

    Antonyms: trivial, inconsequential

    Example Sentence

   The British had a predominant belief that they are the most superior in the world.

9. DENOUNCE (VERB): condemn

   Synonyms: castigate, vilify

   Antonyms: applaud, laud

   Example Sentence: 

   Nuclear explosions must be denounced by the world powers.

10.INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): unable to express oneself clearly 

    Synonyms: incoherent, blurred

    Antonyms: articulate, communicative 

    Example Sentence:

    He made an inarticulate noise in the back of his throat.

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