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Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 24 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
1.     CRIMELESS (ADJECTIVE): irreproachable

Synonyms: Blameless, Impeccable

Antonyms: Impeachable, culpable

Example Sentence:

Anshul is a crimeless businessman.

 2. UNRUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): indifferent

Synonyms: insouciant, disinterested

Antonyms: concerned, anxious

Example Sentence:

Madonna seemed unruffled by the words of her critics.

3. LITERATE (ADJECTIVE): scholarly

Synonyms: educated, learned

Antonyms: unintellectual, absent-minded

Example Sentence:

She is one of the erudite students of the class.

4. JITTERS (NOUN):  apprehension

Synonyms: anxiety, worry 

Antonyms: assurance, composure

Example Sentence:

She was told to remove any kind of jitters from her mind. 

5. FRACTIOUS (ADJECTIVE):  inappropriate           

Synonyms: unexpected, unanticipated

Antonyms: appropriate, anticipated

Example Sentence:

It was an untoward event.

6. GUZZLE (VERB): drink down fast

Synonyms: gulp, swig

Antonyms:  abstain, sip

Example Sentence:

Jacob would guzzle his ale. 

7. HITCHHIKER (NOUN): vagrant

Synonyms: vagabond, derelict

Antonyms: resident, local

Example Sentence:

They are nothing but hitchhikers.

8. INCENDIARISM (NOUN): intentional burning

Synonyms: pyromania, arson

Antonyms: fireproof, douse

Example Sentence:

There were many motives for incendiarism.

9. TEMPERATE (ADJECTIVE): comfortable with respect to weather

Synonyms: moist, gentle

Antonyms: violent, harsh

Example Sentence:

Goa is a temperate place as compared to Delhi.

10. STUN (VERB): astound

Synonyms:  astonish, flabbergast

Antonyms: clarify, clear up

Example Sentence:

Eric was stunned at his performance. 

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