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Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 21 -12 - 17

mahendra Guru

1.JUBILANT (ADJECTIVE): happy     
Synonyms: euphoric, exuberant     
Antonyms: depressed, sorrowful

Example Sentence:

The crowd was jubilant at the act.
2. JUXTAPOSITION (NOUN): the act of placing two things next to each other

Synonyms: nearness, proximity
Antonyms: distance, remoteness

Example Sentence:

The interior designer admired my juxtaposition of the yellow couch and green table.


Synonyms: crucial, acute   
Antonyms: easy, facile

Example Sentence: 

The patient has an exigent need for medication, or else he will lose his sight.

4. FERAL (ADJECTIVE) wild, savage

Synonyms: ferocious, brutal   
Antonyms: domesticated, cultivated

Example Sentence:

That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.

5. MAUDLIN (ADJECTIVE): weakly sentimental

Synonyms: teary, overemotional

Antonyms: pragmatic, unemotional

Example Sentence: 

Although many people enjoy romantic comedies, I usually find them maudlin and shallow.

6. PALLIATE (VERB): to reduce the severity of

Synonyms: abate, cover up     
Antonyms: enlarge, expose

Example Sentence: 

The new medication would palliate the patient’s discomfort.


Synonyms: courageous, high-spirited  

Antonyms: coward, gutless

Example Sentence: 

Here she mounts a mettlesome horse and trains him with the wonderful skill.

8. PITH (NOUN): heart of the matter

Synonyms: core, crux

Antonyms: innervation, insignificance

Example Sentence: 

Remove as much of the white membrane or pith as possible.

9. IMPUTE (VERB): attribute

Synonyms: ascribe, adduce    

Antonyms: absolve, exonerate

Example Sentence: 

If readings are missing then nearby sites are used to impute a value for that site.

10. RIBALD (ADJECTIVE): coarsely

Synonyms:  vulgar, obscene   

Antonyms: decent, refined

Example Sentence:

While some giggled at the ribald joke involving a parson’s daughter, most sighed and rolled their eyes.

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