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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 13 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 10 -12 - 17

    1.ARRANT (ADJECTIVE): flagrant

      Synonyms: thorough, absolute

      Antonyms: partial, portion

      Example Sentence:

      He was an arrant coward like the most of his downtrodden race.


       Synonyms: heroic, courageous

      Antonyms: cowardly, loose

      Example Sentence:

      He is an audacious person.

    3. COINCIDE (VERB): go along with

       Synonyms: match, associate

       Antonyms: clash, oppose

       Example Sentence: 

       We should coincide in our work.

    4. ETIQUETTE (NOUN): manners

      Synonyms: behavior, courtesy

      Antonyms: misbehavior, insolence

      Example Sentence: 

     Show etiquette while talking to your elders.

    5. CONNOISSEUR (NOUN): authority

      Synonyms: buff, devotee

      Antonyms: ignoramus, amateur 

      Example Sentence: 

      He speaks as a connoisseur.

    6. INCREDIBLE (ADJECTIVE): beyond belief

     Synonyms: unique, exceptional

     Antonyms: credible, customary

      Example Sentence: 

      I have an incredible experience.

    7. CONTAMINATE (VERB): adulterate

      Synonyms: taint, degrade

     Antonyms: purify, cleanse

      Example Sentence: 

     To contaminate is to make impure by mixture (touching together).

    8. COPIOUS (ADJECTIVE): abundant

     Synonyms: superfluous, overflowing

     Antonyms: scanty, flimsy

     Example Sentence: 

    The dinner was copious, can’t be finished by me.

    9. INDOMITABLE (ADJECTIVE): steadfast

      Synonyms: invincible, obstinate

     Antonyms: beatable, flexible

     Example Sentence: 

     Life was flowing through him again, splendid and indomitable.

   10. CRAVEN (ADJECTIVE): timid

    Synonyms: cowardly, coy

    Antonyms: brave, daring

    Example Sentence:

    Ranjit was a craven person in our team.

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