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Monday, 11 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 11 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 10 -12 - 17

   1.SLACKENING (NOUN): let up
Synonyms: abatement, decline
Antonyms: enlargement, rise
Example Sentence:
After a time the animals seemed to him to be slackening their speed.
Synonyms: faint, indirect
Antonyms: ignorant, stupid
Example Sentence:
His behavior is subtle.

3. GRATIFY (VERB): satisfy
Synonyms: delight, enchant
Antonyms: depress, hurt
Example Sentence: 
It would be a poor thing to gratify a prejudice against him.

Synonyms: combative, intrusive
Antonyms: calm, complaisant
Example Sentence:
You should not be aggressive while talking to your wife.

5. REPLENISH (VERB): fill, stock
Synonyms: refresh, restore
Antonyms: damage, deplete
Example Sentence: 
He has replenished the raw material for next year.

6. TEEM (VERB): be abundant
Synonyms: brim, crawl
Antonyms: retreat, lack
Example Sentence: 
They teem with the worst kind of libels against the Society.

7. MERRY (ADJECTIVE): very happy
Synonyms: amusing, comical
Antonyms: grave, sad
Example Sentence: 
Christmas is a merry day for all of us.

8. COMPLY (VERB): abide by
Synonyms: obey, quit
Antonyms: disobey, deny
Example Sentence: 
I am sorry my case is so circumstanced, that I cannot comply.

Synonyms: adjoining, neighboring
Antonyms: distant, far
Example Sentence: 
From here, we could overlook the river, and the adjacent country.

10. CENSURE (NOUN): severe criticism
Synonyms: rebuke, reprimand
Antonyms: praise, approval
Example Sentence:
I didn’t do this mistake, so I don’t fear your censure.

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