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Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 02 -12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 02 -12 - 17

1. COALESCE (NOUN): Absorb

Synonyms: subsume, assimilate

Antonyms: separate, disperse

Example Sentence:

He coalesced the knowledge about his newly added tasks.

2.OFFSET (VERB): Counterbalance

Synonyms: counteract, counterpoise

Antonyms: disproportion, approve

Example Sentence:

The ruling government offset the opposition’s move.


Synonyms: friction, adhesion

Antonyms: slipperiness, inconstancy

Example Sentence:

Hold the glass with a tight adherence.


Synonyms: universal, pervasive

Antonyms: rare, scarce

Example Sentence:

My believe is firm that God is ubiquitous.


Synonyms: deprecatory, derogatory

Antonyms: praising, complimentary

Example Sentence:

I am categorically resistant with detractory comments by anyone.

6.FRETTING (NOUN): Agitation

Synonyms: confusion, fuming

Antonyms: calmness, peace

Example Sentence:

His nature is filled with fretting.


Synonyms: physical, corporeal

Antonyms: abstract, unreal

Example Sentence:

The police commissioner was only interested in evidence that was tangible.


Synonyms: clumsy, ungainly

Antonyms: convenient, unburdensome

Example Sentence: 

Bride could not walk through the front door in her cumbersome dress.

9. PECCADILLO (NOUN): Minor fault

Synonyms: impropriety, indiscretion

Antonyms: discretion, discreetness

Example Sentence:

He relaxed me by saying that I had committed a peccadillo.

10. GIBBERISH (NOUN): Nonsense

Synonyms: balderdash, claptrap

Antonyms: sense, truth

Example Sentence:

Most of his writings were gibberish to me.

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