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Monday, 25 December 2017

SSC Quiz : English Language | 25 - 12 - 17

mahendra Guru

Q.1-10. In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and mark your answer. 

Q.1. The mobile, if used properly, is invaluable in helping you develop___. 

(A) discernment 

(B) concerns 

(C) simulate 

(D) brisk 

Q.2. Have you ever____ that laptops are getting under your skin? 

(A) felt 

(B) express 

(C) think 

(D) dealt 

Q.3. Soldiers are comparatively____ and defenceless. 

(A) ocular 

(B) powerful 

(C) fragile 

(D) strange 

Q.4. The condition of the patient has ___ _. 

(A) rough 

(B) buried 

(C) naivety 

(D) deteriorated 

Q.5. As a singer, he is known for his ____voice. 

(A) dulcet 

(B) tatterdemalion 

(C) harsh 

(D) duplex 

Q.6. We should not despise anyone for ____ poverty. 

(A) their 

(B) his 

(C) her 

(D) own 

Q.7. It is very difficult to _____ taxi because of the exorbitant charges. 

(A) get 

(B) do 

(C) hire 

(D) have 

Q.8. The government had ____ asked to elucidate its economic policy. 

(A) being 

(B) been 

(C) be 

(D) become 

Q.9. Mahesh is in a dilemma ____ the choice of career. 

(A) at 

(B) in 

(C) on 

(D) over 

Q.10. The ____ of Moradabad are dexterous in brass work. 

(A) artisans 

(B) artificial 

(C) cites 

(D) singers


Q.1. Option (A) 

Q.2. Option (A) 

Q.3. Option (C) 

Q.4. Option (D) 

Q.5. Option (A) 

Q.6. Option (B) 

Q.7. Option (C) 

Q.8. Option (B) 

Q.9. Option (D) 

Q.10. Option (A)

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