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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

English Language Test For IBPS Clerk Mains | 20 - 12 - 17

mahendra Guru
English Language Test For IBPS Clerk Mains | 19 - 12 - 17

Developing a solid foundation in English will not only help you to increase your knowledge but will also help you to score better in the exam. English is a major section in exams which candidate fears a lot. To boost your preparation, MahendraGuru is providing English Quiz for RBI Assistant/IBPS Clerk Mains and IBPS SO Exams exams.

With Mahendra Guru, be the first to know the changes in Grammar which keep you updated through its Practice sets.These practice sets will give you power in building your bright career.

Q.1-5. Which of the Phrases (1), (2) (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer. 

Q.1. The Pakistani Prime Minister will visit Saudi Arabia to witness a major military exercise troops of several Muslim countries to improve training in responding to the threat posed by terror groups. 

(1) of troops of several Muslim 

(2) with troops for several Muslim 

(3) troops from several Muslim 

(4) by troops of several Muslim 

(5) No Correction Required

Q.2. The British government is set to increase visa fees across most categories of applications from March 18, in a move that will affect thousands Indians who were the largest group of skilled workers to be granted visas to live and work in Britain last year. 

(1) thousands from Indians who were 

(2) thousands of Indians who was 

(3) thousands of Indians who were 

(4) thousands of Indians 

(5) No Correction Required

Q.3. Indian Accent, voted India's best restaurant for two years in a row, has opened its first international location on New York, offering inventive Indian cuisine that combines global ingredients and techniques with authentic Indian flavours. 

(1) first international location among New York, 

(2) first international location in New York, 

(3) first international location of New York, 

(4) first international location for New York, 

(5) No Correction Required

Q.4. Florida’s Senator has won the Republican primary election in Puerto Rico, US television projections have said, in a White House race otherwise led by a popular billionaire. 

(1) US television projection have said 

(2) US television projections said 

(3) US television projection said 

(4) US television projects 

(5) No Correction Required

Q.5. Bolivia signed a USD 300 million deal with Russia to build a mars-class nuclear research lab in the South American nation, the Bolivian President announced. 

(1) world-class nuclear research labs 

(2) world-class research lab 

(3) world-class nuclear research lab 

(4) world-class nuclear researching lab 

(5) No Correction Required

Q.6-10. In each of the following sentences there is a blank space given. Below each five words have been denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). Find out which word can be filled up in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 

Q.6. DRT barred Vijay Mallya from withdrawing USD 75 million exit payment from British ______ Diageo till the disposal of Kingfisher Airlines' loan default case filed by SBI. 

(1) giant            (2) mammoth         (3) monstrous           (4) teeny               (5) dwarf

Q.7. Several big corporate houses, such as China-based Dalian Wanda, real estate major DLF, India bulls Group, ITC and Jindal Realty, today ______ huge investments in Haryana over the coming years. 

(1) toasted       (2) undertaking         (3) word                  (4) pledged           (5) promise

Q.8. Looking to ______ audience in smaller towns and rural areas, History TV 18 will create local content and shows that are country-specific, a top official of the company said today. 

(1) nozzle       (2) tap                      (3) egress                 (4) valve                (5) adopt

Q.9. Around 28 per cent of working women in India are not satisfied with their salary as ______ to 22 per cent men, according to a study by Michael Page India. 

(1) correlated       (2) relating          (3) compared            (4) bordered         (5) check

Q.10. Stressing on the need to create infrastructure for ______ growth, Union Minister Suresh Prabhu said Indian Railways and Haryana government will soon set up a joint venture company for developing the rail network. 

(1) advocating         (2) booster        (3) develop                 (4) endorse      (5) promoting


Q.1. (4) 

Q.2. (4) 

Q.3. (2) 

Q.4. (5) 

Q.5. (3) 

Q.6. (1) 

Q.7. (4) 

Q.8. (2) 

Q.9. (3) 

Q.10. (5)

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