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Friday, 1 December 2017

English Language For IBPS Clerk | 01 - 12 - 17

Mahendra Guru
English Language For IBPS Clerk | 01 - 12 - 17

Q.1- 10. Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

Q.1. China called in restraint after North Korea test-launched (1)/ four ballistic missiles, criticising the move(2)/ but also suggesting that South Korea and the(3)/ United States were partly to blame.(4)/No Error (5)

Q.2. Former prime minister ruled himself out(1)/ as an alternative right-wing candidate for his party colleague(2)/ whose campaign has been thrown into chaos(3)/ by a fake job scandal.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.3. The EU''s fraud office said,(1)/ Britain owes the European Union budget(2)/ two billion euros after turning a blind eye(3)/ to a major scam by Chinese importers.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.4. More than 2,000 students (1)/ have rallied in Islamabad,(2)/ urging the government to take sternly action against(3)/ all those people who are posting blasphemous content on social media.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.5. NATO and the United States warned that(1)/ they could scale back cooperation with Kosovo's security services(2)/ if the government goes ahead with plans to transforming its lightly-armed security force into(3)/ an army without the required constitutional changes.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.6. The President inaugurated a spiritual learning centre(1)/ in Nepal and said it would play a vital role (2)/ in promoting religious harmonious (3)/ and tourism in the country. (4)/ No Error (5)

Q.7. The US-backed forces in Syria(1)/ cut off a key supply route between the Islamic State group's(2)/ stronghold Raqa and its(3)/ territory in the province.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.8. A group of feminist activists was detained(1)/ in Moscow - International Women's Day - after protest inside(2)/ the tightly guarded Kremlin with banners calling for(3)/ an end to male rule.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.9. Kansas Governor has wrote a letter to the Prime Minister(1)/ expressing "profound regret" at the terrible act(2)/ of violence against the Indian nationals(3)/ last month.(4)/ No Error (5)

Q.10. Civilians abandoned a battle-scared town(1)/ along Myanmar's border with China, saying that they feared(2)/ an imminent army crackdown in retaliation(3)/ for a dead raid by ethnic rebels.(4)/ No Error (5)


Q.1. Option (1) Replace ‘called in’ with ‘called for’.

Q.2. No Error

Q.3. No Error

Q.4. Option (3) Replace ‘to take sternly’ with ‘to take stern’.

Q.5. Option (3) Replace ‘transforming’ with ‘transform’.

Q.6. Option (3) Replace ‘harmonious’ with ‘harmony’.

Q.7. No Error

Q.8. Option (2) Replace ‘protest’ with ‘protesting’.

Q.9. Option (1) Replace ‘wrote’ with ‘written’.

Q.10. Option (4) Replace ‘dead’ with ‘deadly’.

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