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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

15 Days Strategy Plan For RBI Assistant Mains Exam

15 Days Strategy For RBI Assistant Mains Exam

RBI Assistant Prelims exam was over in last month and it is time to prepare yourself for RBI Assistant Mains Exams which will be held on 20th December 2017. Some of you might have a doubt about how to prepare for RBI assistant Mains exam in such short period of time. Mahendra guru is providing you a 15 days strategy to crack this Mains exam.

It should be better for you to have a nuts and bolts so you can get ready yourself to deal with the same poise.

So, give your best performance in RBI Examination. 

To get selection you should know about the latest pattern of mains exam so that you can 
Prepare for the exam in a more planned and disciplined way. 

No.Of Questions
Maximum Marks
30 min.
30 min.
Numerical Ability
30 min.
General Awareness
25 min.
Computer knowledge
20 min.
2 Hr. 15 min.

The candidates provisionally selected from the mains on-line examination will have to undergo a language Proficiency test (LPT). The language proficiency test will be conducted in the Official / Local Language of the  State concerned. Only such number of candidates will be called for Language Proficiency Test who stand Sufficiently high in merit on the aggregate marks of the Objective Tests.

Final selection will be on the basis of candidate's performance in the online main examination, biometric Verification and Language Proficiency Test taken together in order of merit.

Some are the basic guideline given below which help you a lot:

  • Do the exam analysis of previous year RBI Assistant mains exam. This will help you to understand the level that can be expected in the exam.
  • Work on Time Management, it is an essential part of your exams so you can give proper time to each section at your end.
  • Also focus on Accuracy, with this you can score maximum marks in your exam.
  • Speed is also very important to qualify the mains exam. 
  • You must practice to acquire a speed and with accuracy and good speed you can attempt many questions
Guidelines for the Last 10 Days: 

Numerical Ability:

This section contains 40 Questions with 40 marks in 30 min. If you manage a time you can score good marks from this sections.

1-For first two days practice easy and scoring topics. Topics you need to practice is:

1. Simplification &Approximation (0-5 Qs)

2. Quadratic Equations (5 Qs)

3. Number Series (0-5 Qs)

This will cover your approx. 10-15 marks.

2-Then practice in next four days on miscellaneous topics in Maths like:

1. Percentage (1Q)

2. Profit & Loss (2 -3Qs)

3. Average (1-2Qs)

4. Speed, Time & Distance (2-3 Qs)

5. Ratio & Proportion (2-3 Qs)

6. Mensuration (2-3Qs)

7. SI & CI (2-3Qs)

8. Permutation & Combination / Probability (2-3Qs)

9. Mixtures & Allegations (1-2Qs)

10. Time & Work (2-3Qs) 

These above topics will cover your minimum 15 marks.

3-In last six days you have to cover all form of Data Interpretation (10-15Qs) based on different pattern:

1. Tabular Form 

2. Pie

3. Bar diagram

4. Lines

4. In last two days practice on Data Sufficiency (5-7Qs).

Reasoning Ability:

These sections also consist of 35 Questions of 35 marks.

1-For first three days practice easy and scoring topics like:

1. Coding –Decoding (2-5Qs)

2. Inequality (3-5Qs)

3. Syllogism (2-3Qs)

Above these topics covered your approx. 10-15 marks.

2-In next four days do practice some miscellaneous topics that cover your 10-15 marks approx., like:

1. Verbal Reasoning (0-5Qs)

2. Direction & Distance (3-5Qs)

3. Blood Relations (2-5Qs)

4. Machine Input & Output (0-5Qs)

5. Order & Ranking (2-5Qs)

3- In last seven days cover all the miscellaneous topics of Reasoning it will help in scoring 20 marks approx.

1. Data sufficiency (2-5Q)

2. Machine Input & Output (0-5Qs)

3. Puzzles (5Qs)

4. Seating arrangement (10-15Qs)

5. Floor puzzle (5Qs)

English Language:

It is the most important section for scoring the highest marks in RBI Mains Exam.

1-Do practice a lot for first six days. Topics like:

1. Reading Comprehension (15-17Qs)

2. Cloze test (5-10Qs)

3. Rearrangement sentences (5Qs)

These topics covered your approx. 20 marks.

2-Practice for next four days on topics like:

1. Error Detection (5Qs)

2. Fill in the blank & Para completion (5-10Qs)

These sections consist of approx.10 marks. 

3- In last four days do practice a lot of mock test paper and previous year paper as many as possible.

General knowledge

1.In first three days learn 

1. Static GK (5-7Qs)

2. Economy (5-6Qs)

2. In Last rest days revise:

1. Current Affairs (15-17Qs)

2. Financial / Banking Awareness (10-12Qs)

Computer knowledge:

1. In First four days practice on the below topics:

1. Computer Fundamental & Terminologies (3-4Qs)

2. Operating system (2-3Qs)

3. Computer software (2-3Qs)

This will cover min.5-10 marks.

2. In next three days practice:

1. Microsoft Office (4-5Qs)

2. Computer Hardware (3-4Qs)

3. Computer Software (2-3Qs)

4. Keyboards shortcuts & Abbreviations (3-5Qs)

These will score you approx.10-15 marks.

3. In next two days, practice on topic below these will score you approx.10-15marks

1. Networking (3-4Qs)

2. Internet (4-5Qs)

3. Memory (5-6Qs)

4. In last five days do practice a previous year paper.

The above-mentioned Strategy will definitely be helpful to you. Kindly keep yourself calmed and stay focused on your goal. Be confident and positive.Nothing is impossible if you want to crack the exam with the full dedication and hard work. Focus on your study plan. Give your best in the exam surely you will get your goal.

15 Days Strategy For RBI Assistant Mains Exam



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