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Monday, 6 November 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 06 -11 - 17

mahendra Guru

1. DAUNT (VERB): frighten

Synonyms: appall, horrify

Antonyms: support, encourage

Example Sentence:

She daunted her at the night of Halloween.

2. TEMPER (VERB): harden

Synonyms: anneal, bake

Antonyms: weaken, soften

Example Sentence:

Tempering of the glass was needed.

3. EBONIZE (VERB): blacken

Synonyms: grow dark, smudge

Antonyms: whiten, lighten

Example Sentence:

Kohl was ebonizing his lower eyelids.

4. BADGER (VERB): annoy

Synonyms: bully, harass

Antonyms: aid, delight

Example Sentence:
Journalists badgered him about the deals.

5. VARIOLATED (VERB): immunize

Synonyms: inoculate, protect

Synonyms: harm, hurt

Example Sentence:

She was variolated from the severe infection.

6. VETTED (VERB): analyze

Synonyms: consider, audit

Antonyms: forget, ignore

Example Sentence:

They vetted the matter.

7. HEED (NOUN): attention

Synonyms: carefulness, cognizance

Antonyms: disrespect, negligence

Example Sentence:

Don’t pay heed at that sight.


Synonyms: assorted, mixed

Antonyms: similar, unvaried

Example Sentence:

She had variegated emotions.

9. JEER (VERB): hoot

Synonyms: ridicule, sneer

Antonyms: compliment, commend

Example Sentence:

The wag jeered at the people at the party.

10. MAR (VERB): harm

Synonyms: impair, tarnish

Antonyms: beautify, mend

Example Sentence:

Prasoon marred his own image.

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