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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 26 -11 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 26 -11 - 17
1. ALLAY (VERB): assuage 

Synonyms: placate, pacify 

Antonyms: aggravate, agitate 

Example Sentence: 

Government is taking proper steps to allay the anger of the mob. 

2. AVERSE (NOUN): animosity 

Synonyms: apathy, dislike 

Antonyms: liking, affection 

Example Sentence: 

They have a great aversion to dowry. 
3. ALACRITY (NOUN): liveliness 

Synonyms: briskness, promptness 

Antonyms: apathy, lethargy 

Example Sentence: 

Ram’s orders were obeyed but not with alacrity. 

4. DING (VERB): to scold mildly 

Synonyms: reprove, counsel 

Antonyms: applaud, praise 

Example Sentence: 

Teacher dinged Rahul for his silly mistakes in the examination. 

5. ADHERE (VERB): to follow 

Synonyms: support, align 

Antonyms: disobey, ignore 

Example Sentence: 

We should adhere to traffic rules. 

6. CONTEMPT (NOUN): disregard 

Synonyms: disdain, scorn 

Antonyms: regard, respect 

Example Sentence: 

Recent agitation of people against the recent movie was contempt of court. 

7. CONSTERNATION (NOUN): disappointment 

Synonyms: apprehension, dismay 

Antonyms: tranquil, peace 

Example Sentence: 

The Ministry has given assurance of economic growth but consternation is growing among people. 

8. CALUMNY (NOUN): defamation 

Synonyms: slander, lie 

Antonyms: commendation, praise 

Example Sentence: 

It was a big plan of calumny against his revered personality. 

9. EXULT (VERB): rejoice 

Synonyms: triumph, jubilate 

Antonyms: grieve, bemoan 

Example Sentence: 

The Indian cricket team was exulting its recent win. 

10. ENDOWMENT (NOUN): large gift 

Synonyms: benefit, bequest 

Antonyms: debt, loss 

Example Sentence: 

There is no endowment of health policies by the government.

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