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Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 25 -11 - 17

Mahendra Guru

1. CONCOCT (VERB): formulate

Synonyms: create, contrive

Antonyms: forget, neglect

Example sentence: 

I concocted about company’s dream project.


Synonyms: condescending, curt

Antonyms: humble, reticent

Example sentence: 

Anshul is a cavalier leader.
3. CAP (VERB): come to a climax

Synonyms: conclude, terminate

Antonyms: begin, commence

Example sentence: 

The day will cap with a presentation to members of Parliament.

4. THWART (VERB): defeat

Synonyms: outwit, conquer

Antonyms: abet, assist

Example sentence: 

The vice president thwarted that strategy.

5. CORDIAL (ADJECTIVE): friendly

Synonyms: affectionate, congenial

Antonyms: rude, hostile

Example sentence: 

She has given me a cordial invitation.

6. RAPACITY (NOUN): voracity

Synonyms: avidity, craving

Antonyms: distaste, apathy

Example sentence: 

The rapacity of landowners seeking greater profit from their property.

7. PRESUMPTION (NOUN): speculation

Synonyms: hunch, supposition

Antonyms: reality, fact

Example sentence: 

She was enraged at Mukul’s presumption.


Synonyms: peevish, quick-tempered

Antonyms: calm, patient

Example sentence: 

He is an irascible man.

9. MATE (NOUN): associate

Synonyms: companion, concomitant

Antonyms: opponent, antagonist

Example sentence: 

Anil is my mate in a college.

10. GIST (NOUN): bottom line

Synonyms: core, essence

Antonyms: exteriority, be nothingness

Example sentence: 

This has a gist in it.

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