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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 21 -11 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 21 -11 - 17
1. BEFUDDLE (VERB): baffle

Synonyms: puzzle, bewilder

Antonyms: orient, balance

Example Sentence:

Max is befuddled about Riya’s question.


Synonyms:    stimulating, inspiring

Antonyms: boring, monotonous

Example Sentence:

His act was heartrending.

3. NARCOTIZE (VERB): anesthetize

Synonyms: deaden, desensitize

Antonyms: enliven, revitalize

Example Sentence:

The doctor prescribed a medicine that merely narcotizes the patient.

4. STOOP (VERB):  kowtow

Synonyms:    bow, kneel

Antonyms: disrespect, disregard

Example Sentence:

I stoop before the omnipotent God.

 5. BOTCH (NOUN):  err          

Synonyms: mistake, flub

Antonyms: correct, fix

Example Sentence:

I admitted my botch.

6. EXULT (VERB)exclaim triumph

Synonyms: relish, crow

Antonyms: be sad, commiserate

Example Sentence:

I exulted over my younger brother’s victory. 

7. STICKLER (NOUN): perfectionist

Synonyms: disciplinarian, pedant

Antonyms: beginner, trainee

Example Sentence:

Disha Patani is a stickler.

8. STUN (VERB): astonish

Synonyms: astound, surprise

Antonyms: calm, compose

Example Sentence:

Michelle was stunned over his performance.

9. COLD (ADJECTIVE): brutal

Synonyms:    callous, barbarous

Antonyms: compassionate, gentle

Example Sentence:

Ashmit gave Stella a cold look.

10. ADAMANT (ADJECTIVE): unyielding

Synonyms: insistent, intransigent

Antonyms: flexible, irresolute

Example Sentence:

Alisah is an adamant kid.

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