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Monday, 6 November 2017

SSC Quiz : General Studies | 06 -11 -17

mahendra Guru

Q1.Which country is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea formed by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. 

(A) Bangladesh 

(B) Myanmar 

(C) Sri Lanka 

(D) Pakistan 

Answer-(C) Sri Lanka 

Q2.Which of the following fibers is considered as the strongest natural fibre? 

(A) Cotton 

(B) Jute 

(C) Wool 

(D) Silk 

Answer-(D) Silk 

Q3. Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing high energy radiations called __________ . 

(A) Infra-red (IR) 

(B) Gamma rays 

(C) Ultraviolet rays (UV) 

(D) X-rays 

Answer-(C) Ultraviolet rays (UV) 

Q4. .The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India submits his report relating to the accounts of the Union to the ______________ . 

(A) Finance Minister 

(B) Prime Minister 

(C) President 

(D) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 


Q5. Birju Maharaj is a well-known exponent of— 

(A) Manipuri dance 

(B) Kathak 

(C) Odissi 

(D) Kathakali 


Q6. The First Woman President of the Indian National Congress was— 

(A) Sarojini Naidu 

(B) Vijayalakshmi Pandit 

(C) Annie Besant 

(D) Kadambani Ganguli 


Q7. Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under ________________ 

(A) Legal rights 

(B) Fundamental rights 

(C) Human rights 

(D) Natural rights 


Q8. Silver gets corroded due to ________________ in air. 

(A) Oxygen 

(B) Hydrogen Sulphide 

(C) Carbon dioxide 

(D) Nitrogen 


Q9. Who is known as the Father of ‘Indian Unrest’? 

(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 

(B) Lala lajpat Rai 

(C) Aurobindo Ghosh 

(D) Bipin Chandrapal 


Q10. The first meeting of the Indian National Congress held in 1885 was presided by 

(A) Shri P.M. Mehta 

(B) Shri Womesh Chandra Bannerjee 

(C) D. E. Wacha 

(D) S. N. Bannerjee 


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