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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

SSC Quiz : English Language | 08 - 11 - 17

mahendra Guru

In questions below out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence and mark it as your answer.
1. A short journey for pleasure

(A) Swat

(B) Renegade

(C) Cajole

(D) Jaunt

Answer-(D) Jaunt

2. A lover specially one who unlawfully takes the position of a wife or a husband

(A) Contemporary

(B) Parasite

(C) Paramour

(D) Oculist

Answer-(C) Paramour

3. One who is very careful and particular

(A) Bunting

(B) Meticulous

(C) Brewery

(D) Monomaniac

Answer-(B) Meticulous

4. Person who lives alone and avoid others

(A) Telepathy

(B) Recluse

(C) Parable

(D) Venial

Answer-(B) Recluse

5. A disease which spreads by contact

(A) Contagious

(B) Ambiguous

(C) Delegate

(D) Parasite

Answer-(A) Contagious

6. A sudden rush of wind

(A) Remuneration

(B) Gust

(C) Exile

(D) Illicit

Answer-(B) Gust

7. The original inhabitants of a country

(A) Virtuoso

(B) Aborigines

(C) Altruist

(D) Habitat

Answer-(B) Aborigines

8. Seat on elephant’s back

(A) Brewery

(B) Howdah

(C) Malingerer

(D) Scabbard

Answer-(B) Howdah

9. Group of three novels

(A) Hallucination

(B) Trilogy

(C) Sty

(D) Domicile

Answer-(B) Trilogy

10. The rule of a person who is tyrant

(A) Alliteration

(B) Fable

(C) Reticent

(D) Despotism

Answer-(D) Despotism

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