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Monday, 23 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 23 -10 - 17

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1. PRUDISH(ADJECTIVE): shy and strict in behavior

Synonyms: fastidious, narrow minded

Antonyms: extroverted, outgoing

Example Sentence:

Conservative people unintentionally carry prudish approach to do things.

2.FLECK (VERB):blemish

Synonyms: mark, stain

Antonyms: clean, purify

Example Sentence:

He tried to fleck his competitor’s image in the market.

3.DEIGN(VERB):lower oneself

Synonyms: condescend, consent

Antonyms: oppose, refuse

Example Sentence:

The queen would not deign to invite her maid to dinner.

4.PRETERNATURAL (ADJECTIVE):unusual, abnormal

Synonyms: aberrant, extraordinary

Antonyms: regular, normal

Example Sentence:

He often behaves in a preternatural manner.

5.LEVEE (NOUN):embankment

Synonyms: dam, mound

Antonyms: basin, accomodate

Example Sentence:

Only when government scientists determine there is a risk of flooding will the middle of the levee be put in place.

6. ABUT (VERB):touch or be next to something

Synonyms: adjoin, border on

Antonyms: separate, divide

Example Sentence:

There is some debate about how this will affect clinics that abut sidewalks or public streets.

7. PARENTHESIS (NOUN):digression

Synonyms: aside, departure

Antonyms: accord, agreement

Example Sentence:

The parenthesis in the description of this view has been spoken of.

8.TAMP(VERB): compress

Synonyms:  squeeze, pack

Antonyms: abstain, diet

Example Sentence:

She tamped the sawdust in the bag.


Synonyms: immaterial, meagre 

Antonyms: significant, major

Example Sentence:

The administration enthusiastically traded winning the future for a picayune present gain.


Synonyms: actual, genuine

Antonyms:fake, false

Example Sentence:

His speech was a veritable tirade against everyone who is not an immediate supporter.

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