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Friday, 20 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 20-10 - 17

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1.CANONICAL (ADJECTIVE):accepted, recognized

Synonyms: authoritative, orthodox     

Antonyms: unacceptable, unauthorized

Example Sentence:

It is a canonical approach to do things.


Synonyms: loving, attentive    
Antonyms: heedless, inattentive

Example Sentence:

She is solicitous about her younger sister.

3.COERCE(VERB):compel, press

Synonyms: intimidate, bully

Antonyms: encourage, allow

Example Sentence:

The modern parents do not desire to coerce their children.


Synonyms: evil, sinful  
Antonyms: fair, virtuous

Example Sentence:

All the necessaries of life are burdened with iniquitous taxation.


Synonyms: bright, radiant  
Antonyms: dull, dark

Example Sentence:

The new house was painted with refulgent colours.

6. TESTINESS (NOUN):irritability

Synonyms: annoyance, frustration  

Antonyms: happiness, affability

Example Sentence:

He was sorry for his testiness.

7. THROWBACK (NOUN): inheritance, heritage

Synonyms: tradition, gift

Antonyms: evolution, progress

Example Sentence:

It's a throwback to meaningless names determined by the two-letter system.

8. UNTOWARD (ADJECTIVE): indecorous

Synonyms: adverse, improper

Antonyms: acceptable, suitable

Example Sentence:

Students who behaved untoward at the school dance were banned from future school events

Synonyms: inclined, reasonable 

Antonyms: unsusceptible, unlikely

Example Sentence:

Gossip magazines appear verisimilar but are often made up stories designed to sell more copies.

10.WHITTLE(VERB): reduce

Synonyms: lessen, erode

Antonyms: enlarge, increase

Example Sentence:

How did you whittle all that material into the final shape of the film?

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