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Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 19 -10 - 17

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1. PROD (VERB):  incite

Synonyms: nudge, press

Antonyms: discourage, repress

Example Sentence:

He was prodded to complete the tasks.

2.WAIVE (VERB):to refrain from claiming

Synonyms: resign, renounce   

Antonyms: demand, ask

Example Sentence:

Very few universities here will waive tuition for grad students.

3.MAJUSCULE (NOUN):upper case written symbol

Synonyms: cap, initial

Antonyms: small, sentence case

Example Sentence:

To highlight something one should use majuscule letters.

4.ESTIVAL(ADJECTIVE): pertaining to summer

Synonyms: sunny, warm

Antonyms: wintery, cold

Example Sentence:

The children were enjoying their estival afternoons with swimming and playing.

5.PRANK (NOUN): joke

Synonyms: jape, game

Antonyms: serious, sincere

Example Sentence:

He likes playing pranks.


Synonyms: apologize, lament

Antonyms: delight, praise

Example Sentence:

I rue for what had happened yesterday.

7.CONTUMACIOUS (ADJECTIVE):  headstrong, obstinate

Synonyms:  inflexible, adamant     

Antonyms: obedient, subordinate 
Example Sentence:

Rahul is a contumacious boy.


Synonyms: deviate, curve

Antonyms: stay, straight

Example Sentence:

This stick can easily be yawed.

9.RAIL (VERB): scold

Synonyms:  upbraid, berate      
Antonyms: praise, compliment.

Example Sentence:

The kid was railed by the teacher for his misbehavior

10.OTIOSE (ADJECTIVE): redundant

Synonyms: superfluous, listless 

Antonyms: essential, necessary

Example Sentence:

The linking commentary is often otiose and always plonking.

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