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Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 15-10 - 17

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1.  CABOODLE (NOUN): collection of something

Synonyms: assemblage, chunk 

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

I have a caboodle of songs.


Synonyms: impractical, unrealistic 

Antonyms: practical, pragmatic

Example Sentence:

Having a moon top experience in an all new Honda city is a chivalrous situation. 

3. GROWL (VERB): criticize harshly

Synonyms: abuse, accuse

Antonyms: honor, praise

Example Sentence:

We shouldn’t growl anyone before everybody.

4. REPRIEVE (NOUN): a cancellation of a punishment.

Synonyms: absolution, amnesty

Antonyms: accusation, denunciation
Example Sentence:

Maya accepted the death sentence and refused to appeal for a reprieve.

5. BULWARK (NOUN): barricade

Synonyms: barrier, bastion

Antonyms: open, ditch

Example Sentence:

There was a castle with bulwark and a moat.

6.  HUBBUB (NOUN): a confusion of voices and other sounds

Synonyms: bedlam, clang 

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence: 

The children filled the room with hubbub. 

7. ATTICISM (NOUN): grandeur

Synonyms: classicalism, elegance

Antonyms: imbalance, crudeness

Example Sentence:

I see the majestic Atticism in her personality.

8. CALISTHENICS (NOUN): exercise

Synonyms: activity, drill

Antonyms: cessation, idleness 

Example Sentence:

Calisthenics is recommended to stay active and fit.

9. TRAITOROUS (ADJECTIVE): reactionary

Synonyms: apostate, outlaw 

Antonyms: obedient, submissive

Example Sentence:

He was an agent who later turned out to be a traitorous.

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