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Friday, 13 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 13 -10 - 17

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The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 13 -10 - 17

1. GALLANTRY (NOUN): bravery

Synonyms: heroism, prowess 

Antonyms: cowardice, meekness 

Example Sentence:

His gallantry is well known by his friends and colleagues

2. CONTRIVE (VERB): plan

Synonyms: aim, plot 

Antonyms: neglect, ignore 

Example Sentence:

Siddhartha will contrive before acting on the instructions given by the Chief officer.

3. GALL (NOUN): brashness

Synonyms: arrogance, brazenness 

Antonyms: modesty, respect 

Example Sentence:

With all of Jill’s unruly behavior, she has the gall to tell me to stay out of trouble.


Synonyms: barbed, rugged 

Antonyms: smooth, unpointed

Example Sentence:

The metal sheet was thorny.


Synonyms: deprecatory, derogatory 

Antonyms: complimentary, praising

Example Sentence:

Abhimanyu’s deprecatory remark made her cry.

6. COGWHEEL (NOUN): main part of device 

Synonyms: cogwheel, pinion 

Antonyms: accessories, prop

Example Sentence:

The cogwheel of the truck must be restored for repairing it.

7. SATIATE (VERB): gratify

Synonyms: content, gorge

Antonyms: deplete, fast

Example Sentence:

He was satiated with the food served to him.

8.  TIP-OFF (NOUN): hint

Synonyms: prompt, suggestion

Antonyms: ignorance, carelessness

Example Sentence:

She gave me a tip-off of how to do it .

9. APPEAL (NOUN): request for help

Synonyms: petition, proposal 

Antonyms: disclaimer, revocation

Example Sentence:

She appealed before the Police officer to hushed up the matter there only. 

10. FORGE (VERB): counterfeit 

Synonyms: fabricate, falsify 

Antonyms: invent, produce

Example Sentence: 

He had forged with the Principal.

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