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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 01 - 10 - 17

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The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 23 - 09 - 17


Synonyms: soft, impressionable          

Antonyms: matured, aged

Example Sentence: 

I have tender care lip balm.


Synonyms: obstinate, stubborn            

Antonyms: submissive, understanding

Example Sentence:

The coach was extremely obdurate and refused to listen to the players.


Synonyms: honorable, virtuous               

Antonyms: defiled, sullied

Example Sentence:

The priest took an oath to avoid temptations and remain chaste all his life.


Synonyms: sudden, chaotic          

Antonyms: deliberate, thoughtful

Example Sentence:

Although this map looks haphazard, yet Karan can comprehend the signs and symbols.


Synonyms: impolite, boorish                 

Antonyms: polished, sophisticated

Example Sentence:

She woke up churlish in the morning but his mood improved considerably after the heavenly cup of coffee.

6. CONCILIATE (VERB): make calm and content

Synonyms: placate, pacify                  

Antonyms: incite, irritate

Example Sentence: 

My attempts to conciliate the angry protesters failed when they started throwing stones at the building.

7. JEST (NOUN): joke

Synonyms: banter, gag                      

Antonyms: somber, grieve

Example Sentence: 

She never knew that the remark he made about him in his jest will hurt his feelings.


Synonyms: genuine, real           

Antonyms: pretended, counterfeit

Example Sentence:

The reality show was completely unfeigned and free of scripted fights.

9. DOWNPLAY (VERB): minimize

Synonyms: lessen, devalue                             

Antonyms: increase, maximize

Example Sentence:

He downplayed all the problems by his approach.

10. ANNEALING (VERB): strengthening

Synonyms: harden, toughen            

Antonyms: soften, weaken

Example Sentence:

The annealing of soldiers requires rigorous training.

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