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Friday, 27 October 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 27 -10 - 17

mahendra Guru

1. DISCERNMENT (NOUN): perception

Synonyms: acumen, understanding

Antonyms: ignorance, stupidity

Example Sentence:

Tact is skill in touching; nice perception or discernment in dealing with others.

2. NARCISSISM (NOUN): egotism

Synonyms: arrogance, selfishness

Antonyms: shyness, timidity

Example Sentence:

Narcissism is a result of stunted growth and of childhood abuse.

3. MUTINY (NOUN): resistance

Synonyms: defiance, insurrection

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

This was a clear case of mutiny, and the only one in which I was ever implicated
4. SABOTAGE (NOUN): damage

Synonyms: vandalism, disruption

Antonyms: fidelity, loyalty

Example Sentence:

The sabotage of the Preliminary had been the first local step in that direction.

5. PROTRUDE (VERB): stick out

Synonyms: extrude, extend

Antonyms: shrink, sink

Example Sentence:

She had no flesh left; her bones seemed to protrude through the skin.

6. RECEDE (VERB): withdraw

Synonyms: abate, regress

Antonyms: increase, extend

Example Sentence:

The Cabinet will recede more and more from our principles, our party.

7. WANTON (ADJECTIVE): extravagant

Synonyms: lustful, outrageous

Antonyms: good, moral

Example Sentence:

Between 1868 and 1872 they added ten millions by wanton extravagance to the State debt.

8. NULLIFY (VERB): cancel

Synonyms: revoke, abolish

Antonyms: approve, allow

Example Sentence:

Fortunately, the attempt to nullify its benefits proved ineffectual.

9. ALIGN (VERB): line up

Synonyms: array, adjust

Antonyms: disorder, mess up

Example Sentence:

Similar instruction is given the troopers in aligning themselves to the left.

10. GRAPPLE (VERB): grab

Synonyms: confront, cope

Antonyms: release, let go

Example Sentence:

Every blood-vessel was striving to grapple with the present.

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