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Monday, 30 October 2017

SSC Quiz : General Studies | 30 -10-17

mahendra Guru

1. What percentage of World’s population lives in India? 

(A) 16.5% 

(B) 17.5% 

(C) 20% 

(D) 15% 


Q2. During which decade did India see a negative population growth? 

(A) 1901-11 

(B) 1931-41 

(C) 1911-21 

(D) 1951-61 


Q3. Which among the following is the least populated state in India? 

(A) Sikkim 

(B) Goa 

(C) Manipur 

(D) Mizoram 


Q4. Which state in India has the lowest number of females in comparison to males? 

(A) Bihar 

(B) Rajasthan 

(C) Punjab 

(D) Haryana 


Q5. What is the overall literacy rate of India as per 2011 census? 

(A) 74.04% 

(B) 82.14% 

(C) 76.06% 

(D) 65.5% 

Answer (A) 

Q6. Next to Delhi, which is the most populated Union Territory in India? 

(A) Chandigarh 

(B) Puducherry 

(C) Daman and Diu 

(D) Andaman and Nicobar 

Answer (B) 

Q7. Which of the following States has the lowest literacy rate in India? 

(A) Rajasthan 

(B) Jharkhand 

(C) Chhattisgarh 

(D) Bihar 

Answer (D) 

Q8. Which of the following statements is/are true? 

1. Population of Bihar is more than that of Maharashtra. 

2. Population of West Bengal is less than that of Bihar. 

(A) 1 only 

(B) 2 only 

(C) Both 1 and 2 

(D) Neither 1 nor 2 

Answer (B) 

Q9. The population of which of the following States is greater than that of Delhi? 

(A) Uttarakhand 

(B) Assam 

(C) Himachal Pradesh 

(D) Jammu and Kashmir 

Answer (B) 

Q 10. In India, distribution of electricity for domestic purpose is done in the form of- 

(A) 220 V; 50 Hz 

(B) 110 V; 60 Hz 

(C) 220 V; 60 Hz 

(D) 110 V; 50 Hz 

Answer (A)

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