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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

SSC Quiz : General Studies | 25 -10-17

mahendra Guru

Q1. How many types of writ are there in the Indian Constitution? 

(A) 5 

(B) 4 

(C) 3 

(D) 2 

Answer: (A) 5 

There are five types of Writs - Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Certiorari and Quo warranto. 

Q2. What is the accepted average Calorie requirement for rural area in India? 

(A) 2100 

(B) 2200 

(C) 2300 

(D) 2400 

Answer-(D) 2400 

Q3. Who has built the Vijay Stambha (Tower of Victory) in Chittorgarh? 

(A) Maharana Pratap 

(B) Rana Kumbha 

(C) Rana Sanga 

(D) Kunwar Durjan Singh 

Answer-(B) Rana Kumbha 

The Vijaya Stambha is an imposing victory monument located within Chittorgarh fort in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India. The tower was constructed by the Mewar king, Rana Kumbha, in 1448 to commemorate his victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji. The tower is dedicated to Vishnu. 

Q4. Who discovered the Cholera causing germ? 

(A) Filippo Pacini 

(B) Robert Koch 

(C) M. Laveran 

(D) Felix Hoffman 

Answer-(A) Filippo Pacini 

Q5. Which among the following is an example of solid sol? 

(A) Milk of magnesia 

(B) Foam 

(C) Coloured gemstones 

(D) Rubber 

Answer-(C) Coloured gemstones 

Q6. Which acid is released when an Ant bites? 

(A) Hydrochloric Acid 

(B) Formic Acid 

(C) Acetic Acid 

(D) Phosphoric Acid 

Answer-(B) Formic Acid 

Q7. Which of the following device is best suited for measuring the temperature inside metallurgical furnaces? 

(A) Pyrometer 

(B) Thermocouple 

(C) Thermometer 

(D) Thermistor 

Answer-(A) Pyrometer 

Q8. Who proposed five kingdom classification? 

(A) Ernst Mayr 

(B) R. H. Whittaker 

(C) M. W. Beijerinck 

(D) D. I. Ivanovsky 

Answer-(B) R. H. Whittaker 

Q9. What is the other name of Galileo's law of falling bodies? 

(A) Law of motion 

(B) Newton's first law 

(C) Newton's second law 

(D) Newton's third law 

Answer-(B) Newton's first law 

Q10. Xylem helps in transportation of which of the following? 

(A) Food 

(B) Water 

(C) Nutrients 

(D) Both food and water 

Answer-(B) Water

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