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Monday, 23 October 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 23 -10-17

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Q1. The largest organ of human body is

(A) Heart

(B) Brain

(C) Liver

(D) Kidney

Answer-(C) Liver

Skin is the first largest organ of human body. Liver is second largest organ

Q2. Which type of mirror is used in the headlights of vehicles?

(A) Plane mirror

(B) Concave mirror

(C) Convex mirror

(D) Parabolic mirror

Answer-(C) Convex mirror

Q3. The height of a geostationary satellite from the Earth’s surface is approximately

(A) 36,000 Km

(B) 40,000 Km

(C) 30,000 Km

(D) 50,000 Km


A geostationary orbit can be achieved only at an altitude very close to 35,786 km (22,236 mi) and directly above the equator.

Q4. An electric iron has a heating element made up of

(A) Copper

(B) Tungston

(C) Nichrome

(D) Zinc

Answer-(C) Nichrome

Q5. The planet nearest to Sun is

(A) Earth

(B) Mercury

(C) Mars

(D) Venus

Answer-(B) Mercury

Q6. If the office of the President of India falls vacant, within what time should the next President be elected ?

(A) Within 2 months

(B) Within 1 year

(C) Within 6 months

(D) Immediately

Answer-(C) Within 6 months

Q7. The minimum age required for becoming the Prime Minister of India is

(A) 30 years

(B) 35 years

(C) 40 years

(D) 25 years

Answer-(D) 25 years

Q8. The process of covering water pipes made of Iron with Zinc layer to prevent corrosion is called

(A) Zinc plating

(B) Alloy formation

(C) Vulcanization

(D) Galvanization

Answer-(D) Galvanization

Galvanization (or galvanizing as it is most commonly called in that industry) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting.

Q9. The particle required to continue chain process of Uranium fission

(A) Electron

(B) Proton

(C) Neutron

(D) Positron

Answer-(C) Neutron

Q10. The Prime Minister, Union Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers are all members of

(A) National Development Council

(B) Regional Council

(C) Planning Commission

(D) Zonal Council

Answer-(A) National Development Council

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